This thing that is happening to me is nerve pain which I have never had before and there is no reason that I should have it now. Neurologist says MS MRI says MS anther Neurologist says no. But my chronic pain starts to slowly amplify takes three days to get to a solid 10 that lasts for two days of hell where I would rather be dead than go through it again. Then it is just gone no let down just gone as if nothing were ever wrong. 30 days later starts happening again

I am admitted into the hospital and given dilauded for the pain, plus a steroid. Then switched to my normal morphine doses 4 times a day plus dilauded for breakthrough pain now and they add toradol to the mix. Three days in it stops don't know what stopped it but it stopped. Does this sound anything like MS I want to know if I should start the Interferon the one neurologist says I need. I am still on steroids at home and they had upped my Neurotin to 1200mg from 800mg and I was taking that three times a day but just started Lyrica at 150mg three times a day. Not sure if it helps as much as the Neurotin.