Hi RDMC and Brad

Thanks RDMC and Brad.

Brad, that is great how your refill went. That has been my normal except for the last refill.

RDMC, there has always been 2 sizes of pumps...20 cc and 40 cc. I have always had the 40 cc pump. For reference, I always say the 40 cc pump is the size of a hockey puck. The 20 cc pump is just as around, as a hockey puck. It is only 1/3rd as deep.

As for the pump flipping, Dr Abel's and my Medtronic rep's concern is that with more flipping, it could affect my catheter. I see Dr Abel on October 12th for my next refill. This will be a normal refill and get me back on my normal 4 & 1/2 month refill schedule.

Take Care, Bob