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Hi, I'm a newbie on here. I have been on Avonex since 2003 and doing well. No relapses. Now my insurance only wants to cover Rebif or an oral. Sure I would love to try an oral med, but which one. I think my doctor will help me decide. I think he may suggest Aubagio. I have done really well on Avonex with not that much to complain about. But the thought of getting on an oral is really a nice alternative. I've been reading alot of views from others but everyone is different so its hard to judge how your body will tolerate a new med until you try it, so it seems. Any response would be very much appreciated. Thankyou!

Hi. I just stopped my injectable five days ago, and started Aubagio. I love not doing injections! It has only been five days, no side effects. But I guess time will tell. I would recommend trying and oral IF you have to switch off your current injectable.