Yes, I can say I still love my DH very much, and find him attractive, and love the way he treats me with so much affection. However, can't say that I still find him "sexy" as that implies that an arousal response happens, which it just never does.

Family doc ALWAYS blames any of my problems on being tired, anxious, depressed, or stressed! I asked him last time why he never considers any of those things to be symptoms of a deeper illness going on in my body, that I know better than anyone? In other words, perhaps start looking at my fatigue, depressing and anxiety as symptoms, along with my other sx that I am complaining of (pain, electric shocks, fasciculations/twitcing, headache, etc, etc.). He simply answered that depression is a diagnosis of elimination, and since my MRI's were clean and the Neuro didn't find anything wrong with me, then his dx is depression. My doc is just plain stupid, if he thinks that 8-9 oval lesions is nothing, combined with my history.

I don't think the sex thing will ever come back after 5+ years, so I am just sad about it, and have come up with a schedule for DH that tries to meet his needs (even though 2x/week for 5+ years = over 500 times of just giving in). This is no fun.