After 6 months, I am finally getting a replacement for the wheelchair destroyed in our car accident. It will be delivered in 7-10 days. In the mean time, I'm window shopping for replacements for the goodies I had added to my original chair. Stuff like a cup holder, seat cushion,etc.

The seat cushion I had was strictly for comfort. I'm still able to fidget and transfer out of the chair enough that pressure sores aren't a real concern atm. That cushion was foam, better than the bare seat, but by the end of the day, I found myself fairly uncomfortable. I've been thinking of this one:

The reviews look good except for the slippery cover, but we can sew one with straps or whatever, so I'm not overly concerned with that.

Does anyone have experience with this one? Or any reviews for one you do have experience with...good or bad? As I said, it's just for a comfy butt , so it doesn't have to be uber-thick or anything fancy, just have an "ahhhhh!" factor.

If you think the chair is a factor in cushion selection, this is the one I'm getting, in Stealth Black :