I am one very small step away from being diagnosed with MS.
My Dr is simply waiting for another flare.
I have this urge almost need to just get away right now. I want to just go away for a while and be alone and forget about real life for a few days and forget that I don't feel good. I have been fighting for the last year to get an answer to what has been wrong with me and now that I am very close. I just don't want to know.
I think the fear has set in now that this is all getting so real. I am also having a very hard time knowing that I am going to have to do this alone. I am a single Mom and it scares me to death that I am going to have to be so strong just to get through my daily life some days. Even though I am already struggling and the only thing that will change is an entry in a Drs diagnosis box and a daily injection.