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  • Mamabug
    Welcome. Not a Calgarian, but grew up in Saskatoon. I'm currently a dual citizen (US and Canada) and have lived in Kansas for my whole adult life (over 30 years). I used to go to Canada (Saskatoon) just once a year, to see parents (a 1250 mile drive), but we go more frequently now because my daughter met and married a Canadian and lives in MB (about a 900 mile drive -- a little shorter and seems much easier).

    Regarding mobility issues during the winter months, is it a safety issue for you -- because of balance, etc? If so, consider using a mobility device of some kind, either a cane or something more, if warranted.

    I had to laugh at your adult kids not wanting to take you to school anymore -- hee, hee. But, yeah -- isolation can be an issue. Volunteering in your community can help with that, but during the winter months, if mobility in the snow is an issue for you, or even getting around a big city, it might not be the best fit for you.

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  • Laurendiana
    Hey! Not a Calgarian, but I go there often as my fiance lives there. I was also diagnosed (and am still being treated) in Edmonton!

    What I can tell you is I went to an event for young people with MS (I'm 22), and it was not at all what I imagined. I was really apprehensive about going, but I was really happy I did! There was a lot of comfort in knowing there are people nearby who can understand what I'm going through. So it might be worth checking out a support group, if you are considering it.

    Take care.

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  • Ant1981
    Hi Newly diagnosed 36 y/o male

    Hi I am diagnosed with RRMS and going into the MS clinic at Calgary South Health Campus very soon.

    why isn't the foothills clinic not treating you? I was under the impression that there a lot of new medical advances for treatments available. Why doesn't Alberta Health care help you? Does Blue cross cover some prescriptions ? They cover a lot of mine amongst other things (massage therapy, acupuncture, dental... etc.)
    what does the MS clinic really do? I'm a bit anxious as I don't know what is gonna happen.i lived in Calgary all my life, and Alberta Health I'm very grateful for and it seems I'm in good hands they have so many options with neuros,doctors, PT, occupational therapists, all of which seem very credible and helpful.

    csn you please elaborate more I'm so confused during this time, haveno idea what to expect at all.


    -best to all

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  • ratsuchend
    Calgarian w/ SPMS

    Hi there and welcome to Calgary,

    I'm a "born and bred" Calgarian, 35 y/o, diagnosed about 2000 w/ RRMS, which has about mid-2010 progressed to SPMS. In Calgary it can get really cold, but you have surely learned that from the past winter. And that we fortunately have chinooks.

    I am not yet in such a bad condition as others on this site w/ progressive MS. I can still walk unaided in the house, though outside I have to use a cane. I am a doctoral student and am living at home in Calgary while finishing up my dissertation so can get my mom to get groceries, take me to the doctor, the MS Clinic (Foothills Hospital), from which I have not received one bit of treatment, though this is also due to Alberta Health. So I am turning to functional medicine, etc. for help, as my gait and especially my vision has become so bad.

    So if I could advise you on anything, it is to not rely on the MS Clinic in Calgary for help. It does have their "Optimus" program for living with MS, etc. I would inform yourself on other treatment possibilities, nutrition, exercise, etc.

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  • misslux
    Yes, please give the local chapter of the MS society and their support groups a try. They are really wonderful people and totally understand how you feel.

    The society here has been invaluable to me.

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  • Cat Mom
    Hi Anneke, not a Calgarian but just wanted to say Hi from a fellow Canadian. Your foundation sounds interesting, can you tell us a bit about it?

    Also 48, big family (3 adult kids & 3 step-kids), 3 cats, 1 dog... can't stand cooking. There's a recipe forum here, please feel free to post some of your recipes there for us "domestically challenged" members.

    The MS Society runs a newly diagnosed series (when I went it was 1 night per week for 4 weeks). It's a good place to start, not intimidating or frightening, extremely valuable info. As you are new to Canada, it would also be good to attend their Income Tax info night (usually in Feb). I go every year as our tax rules change often.

    As for Winter, what can I say other than if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes! 2 Winters in a row we had zero snow stay on the ground and last winter literally lasted until May. Let's hope Mother Nature takes pity on us, especially after the flood you were recently hit with.


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  • Anneke
    started a topic Calgarians?


    I am new to this forum. I am also relatively new to Canada and Calgary. I got my diagnose in January and have been experiencing all kinds of weird symptoms for years, now it is clear that those were already MS symptoms.

    Due to all these problems, I became pretty isolated. Kids are all bigger and in university and some how they don't like me to bring them to school anymore
    Maybe better because I don't have the energy anyways.

    I'd love to learn from other Calgarians, how do you cope with living in the big city, living in the wintermonths with mobility issues, etc. I am still doubting if I'd like to go to the MS Society's support groups. Not sure if I that's what I am looking for. On the other hand, I am getting too much isolated which isn't good either.

    Oh a bit about me. I am only 48, I love my family, my pets, reading and cooking and I spend some of my good hours starting a new foundation called Meaningful Meals, this keeps my busy and most of all combines my passions for food/family and organizing.