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    hey everyone. im an 17 year old australian recently diagnosed with ms.
    i am planning a trip to canada for your winter 2012.
    was just wondering if you could help me out with the best snow fields/towns etc.
    also is there good ms support there where i could get help if i would get an attack?

    Welcome Emily!

    You would have to let us know what kinds of things you're interested in doing in order to recommend certain areas or cities. Canada is fairly diverse from coast to coast.

    As far as getting help in the event of a flare, you usually get pretty good care if you go to a hospital emergency room or walk-in clinic. You would have a better chance of seeing a neurologist at the ER as most large hospitals will have one on call. I expect you would have travel medical insurance?




      Canada has the distinction of having the second largest incidence of MS in the world, second only to Scotland, so you can bet we have excellent MS care here.

      I don't know what exactly you are looking for in terms of snow, but Banff, Jasper or Lake Louise, Alberta have excellent skiing as well as Whistler or Vancouver, BC. Lots of Aussie come to BC to find seasonal work on our ski slopes. The most popular are Whistler Blackcomb, or Cypress (which were home to the 2010 Olympic ski events) and then there's also Grouse and Seymour which are right in the Vancouver area. We're known world-wide for our mountains.

      Hope this helps! And yes, travel medical insurance is a MUST-MS or not.
      DX w/NMO Nov. 2012
      (Mistakenly DX w/MS March 2008)


        As someone who lived near the US - British Columbia border for years, and whose son attended University of British Columbia, couldn't agree more with prairiegirl.

        For sure UBC has some of the best MS care in the world, and the tourist/skiing places mentioned are terrific.