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Calling all Canadians

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  • wife
    Canadian Dr. woes

    I am from Ontario and looking for a family doctor too. I was diagnosed almost 20 years ago and have been lucky to have 2 good Neurologists, one in Alberta and one here. I am from Alberta originally.
    I started off with a cane, then the walker and now in a wheelchair. Unlike you, I was diagnosed in my early 20's. My husband has widened doors in the house and has taken walls down to make an "open concept" and I know have a wheel in shower. I am receiving Physiotherapy 2-3 days a week and I am stabilizing.......for now.
    I have tried many different treatments but nothing new is in the works for me to try. I am not a huge fan of CCSVI. I need more proof.

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  • Azaelea
    From Victoria BC, diagnosed w SPMS last September at age 61
    Have no GP, no neuro, using walk in clinics & emergency for mediacal needs such as dealing with bad MS hug & pain.
    Victoria has got to be the worst place to find a GP or any kind of help for MS.
    On a brighter note, I've had a ramp built or easier access to my home, added a great walk-in tub, and brought a NuStep (amazing machine) home from the US for exercise.

    I figure anything my husband or I can do to help with this disease is about the best I can get as there is little to no medical help available for someone with SPMS.
    The neuro I saw at the MS clinic in September said try to lose 20 lbs and you might be able to walk lomger and with that he told me, See you in a year.
    Now all I need is a GP's referral to that clinic so that I can see the guy again probably to ne told the same by him and nothing else.
    Wish it was like Britain here where there are private pay doctors available along with public doctors as then there might be a better chance of finding a GP.

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  • GunnersMama

    Hello fellow Canadians!
    I am 27 years old living in Little Britain, ON.
    I am still in limboland.
    Woke up this time last year with a numb left hand that lasted 3 months. Was told it was probably ulnar nerve entrapment and brushed off. My Christmas gift was a numb left foot accompanied by 4 months of non stop twitching in the arch. That got my doc's attention! Twitching has slowed down to occasionally, but my foot is still pins and needles.
    Other sx include:
    -Tingling from head to toe only on left side
    -burning sensation on skin of arms and legs
    -electric shock like sensation in limbs
    -nerve pain in legs for months, now my arms
    -water drop sensation on legs and arms
    -vibrating when laying in bed
    -slight tremor in hands
    -a few more I can't remember without my journal!

    All blood work came back clear, evoked potentials were clear, vascular ultrasounds were clear, MRI (head only, no contrast) is apparently clear. (still waiting for official report). Basic exam by my Physiatrist showed notably weakness in left arm and leg, and hyperreflexia in left arm and leg, so he referred me to Dr. Crisp in Oshawa

    Waiting for my Neuro appointment in October. So far all my sx point to MS and my soon to be hubby is freaking out! We are so tired of doctors telling me "it's in your head", "it's just stress or anxiety"

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  • landspike
    Calling all Canadians

    Kitchener, Ontario.

    I'm quite familiar with Barrie, I lived there for a couple fo years back in 1998.

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  • JenLyn_63
    Hi, New

    Hi, I'm 49, and newly diagnosed. I live on Vancouver Island.

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  • Rushy
    Hello Mrsj1996:

    I too am from Cobourg and have been diagnosed for almost 8 years nows. There is a great support groupt that meets at the columbus centre on the last monday of every month except during the summer. The local chapter of the MS society is a very good one and can offer a lot of help.

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  • SherryO53
    Good Neurologist

    Hello Amber 23,

    I have Dr. Crisp as my neurologist after trying one at St. Mikey's and Sunnybrook. I had previously been a patient of his for a completely unrelated issue to MS. I was very impressed then but, when my body began retaliating against me, he had a 6 mos. waiting list. A diagnosis of MS and 7 yrs. later, I was able to get him back as my G.P. Neurologist;
    I also see Dr. Feinstein at Sunnybrook.
    It appears we have more than living in Ontario, in common!


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  • amber23
    Hello Mrsj, nice to see someone else that lives in Ontario. It is too bad that the MS cliinics always say that there is a 6 month waiting list. I also had to wait awhile when i first was sick. Remember to always go with your own instincts not just what the docs say. Research now if you can so you will understand what they are talking about with the different treatments and so forth. I have had to see different Neurologists since 2002 . One didn't speak very good english so it was very hard to understand him which made it more frustrating. I had a good one In Oshawa once while I was in the hospital his name is Dr .Crisp he is very smart. I have been to St .Mike's, Sunnybrook and Markham stouffville. Do you have a neurologist already at all?

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  • mrsj1996
    newly diagnosed

    From Cobourg, Ontario - diagnosed 3 weeks ago. Age: 47. MRI's over past year (3) show significant progression and addition of lesions. "Im"patiently waiting to be seen at an MS Clinic - 6 month waiting list.

    Being on a "flare" since late February.

    Glad to have found this thread and people to communicate with.

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  • amber23
    Originally posted by misshayleesmom View Post
    I agree, i think it's important too..
    It's not idle has to do with our health and questions about it.

    I never know where to post half the time...

    Thanks for trying anyway.
    oh my gosh, i have just come to this site. I know it is a little late from when u posted.How are you doing now? I to had gone to St. Mikes, i went in 2002. IT is so frustrating when them themselves don't know how to help or treat us. Hope u r doing well.

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  • Sp17F1r3
    Hi Y'all

    I'm a 28 y/o female student, studying to be a highschool teacher or archaeologist, doing a double degree. I was just surfing the web doing some reading when I stubblemed across this site. Reading some of the stories here made me realize that my father and I are not alone in the fights with the Drs for some dx both of us have been showing symptoms of MS. I recently seen a DR at the university I go to to try to get in to see a nuero, she sent me for a MRI of just my brain and told me I was fine that it was "prefectly" normal; needless to say I didn't take that for an answer and was referred to a neuro after a small arguement with said dr. In my appointment with the neuro she was very upset that I didn't have my spine done at the same time as my brain, she has now sent me for blood works to rule out a combination of 2 other things, but she strongly believes that I have MS and am in the small percentage of people who do not have lesions. I am hoping that with a dx for myself we can get someone to listen to my father as they seem to blame all his symptoms on anything and everything but the lesions on his brain.

    Although I am happy to have a dr fianlly listen to me, I'm still kind of at a loss, as we have all been fighting for so long to get an answer. I knew that this was a possibility but I honesty didn't except it. I don't know what to tell people when they ask how I'm feeling or how everything went, I don't know what to think or feel at atm. I feel like I have no one to talk to right now as no one seems to see why I am upset about it or thry think that I'm fine.

    Oh right I guess that I should say that I am from Thunder Bay.

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  • dancinOTG

    I'm in Toronto, Ontario Canada

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  • misaligned
    Hello! I'm 28 years old and live in Fort McMurray Alberta. Dx'd a few months ago with RRMS and taking rebif. Hope everyone is is doing good!


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  • Cheryl H
    I seem to have some of the same problems!

    Hey there I am new to the forum. I have been struggling with alot of these same problems. Were you diagnosed with MS or are you still fighting with them to find out what it is you are dealing with? I have been dealing with my problems for over 12 years now. I am finally seeing a Neurosurgeon at a chronic pain clinic and I go to see an MS doctor in July. I have had tons of tests to see if I have lesions but so far they are not finding any. But my doctor at the pain clinic said that some people with MS never show lesions. I have problems feeling the stairs.....I have to watch my feet when I go up and down the the last 6 months I have fallen up or down the stairs at least twelve times.....Last may I started losing the feeling in my left leg, it slowly got worse to the point of burning across my left butt cheek and numbness, tingling and burning down the left leg. I could not move my toes except my big toe on the left foot....I could not move my ankle up or down. this last for about 9 months then one day I started getting and itching feeling in my leg and could move my toes just it stands right now I have a little movement and my left leg from about the knee down is swelling up. I walk ever day to try to keep mobilty in the legs....but since it started swelling and I can't get a shoe on its hard to even do that... I was wondering if other people are having these same problems.....When I walk my left arm goes numb, the left side of my face and I get a weird tingling feeling on the top of my the my lips on the left side are always numb......anyway if you or anyone has anything they can help me with for information I would appreciate it......I guess I should have told you all that basically twelve years ago they said I have Fibromyalgia, extreme chronic Fatigue and extreme doctor now is pretty sure its MS but it seems no one is willing to do to much...except pump me full of antisezure drugs and use me a guinea pig.......Help....anyone

    Originally posted by misshayleesmom View Post

    Went for mri and blood work. All neg of course.
    Doc says its neurological, but won't do anything else.
    Gave me med for "migraines" said it caused my vision problems.

    I've never had migraines, just my eye hurts.. then i can't see.

    Optholmologist says its neurological.

    I had a reaction to the migraine med.. i feel like a guinea pig..

    I broke my foot in may, so doc knows about this.

    He's frustrated.. cause as he says "he doesn't know what more to do for me.. you've had all the tests.. you've seen a specialist.. you've seen a neuro (ARTS) .

    So right now as i stand he will only do mri's bi-yearly and only yearly if sx get worse.

    Going down the stairs breaking a foot , i thought would at least put up a red flag since i have trouble feeling the stairs.. i already told him a year ago i can't feel the stairs.

    I'm just taking it day by day, feeling not too bad lately.
    I'm getting cast off on Thursday. I can't wait!!

    Unfortunately, I think the only help i'll get is when something really bad happens like it did for yourself..
    that's what scares me.. but i have no other choice.

    You know how hard it is to find a doc around here and even then, if all tests are clear i'm afraid i'll just get the same treatment.

    If you see Dr. Marchetti at St. Mike's he's very nice but he didn't even look at my MRI while i was there..he only read the report and even then didn't order any additional tests. He called me at home 3 days later about my MRI. So i don't know how confidant i would feel about him..

    With you having lesions.. hopefully you'll get some answers..

    Good luck and keep me posted.


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  • misshayleesmom2000
    Hi everyone,

    I'm originally from Windsor but have lived in Barrie for the past 6 yrs.

    Have had symptoms for 10+ yrs.. mri's all clear etc.

    I am now in a MAJOR flare up pins and needles can't use my left arm.. went to pcp 2 wks ago with just weakness my reflexes were practically non-existent he FINALLY thinks it's MS.. So i'm just waiting on bloodwork , then i see him again on the 23rd.. he wants to send me to St. Mike's as well.

    He doesn't know that i can't use my left arm or that my symptoms have gotten worse..I will give him a call on Monday.. and see what happens.

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