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    Share your OOPS moment

    This happened years ago and I shared it once already, but thought I'd share again. I'm vividly remembering this incident as I've stated up knitting again this fall -

    From 2011- This morning I poked by rear end with my knitting needle!!!!! After waking up I came out of the bedroom and went straight to the couch as I was feeling a little bit unstable. Plunked down hard right into my ball of yarn with a knitting needle sticking up! I couldn't pull it out so yelled at my dh to help. He yanked hard and it finally gave way. Said it went in about an inch (and if any of you knit, it was a size 8 - not to large, but not too small either). So, there I was with a hole in my bum and it hurt! I felt so STUPID! With some advil & hydrogen oxide & bandage I'm OK. It went in thru the fleshiest part, thank God!

    Do any of you have an oops experience or a verbal "oops" to share? Would love to hear what ridiculous/silly things you've said or done. It's always good to laugh at ourselves.
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    Love this topic!

    I took the train to work. I really can't feel objects in my right hand and always have to look to see if I have ahold of something.

    My phone was ringing, so I put my hand in my purse and pulled it out. It flew out of my hand and beaned the poor gentleman in front of me in the back of the head. He was bald, so it left a red mark that was still there when we left the train!

    Needless to say, from that point on, he never sat in front of me again! Oops!
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri


      Originally posted by Seasha View Post
      Do any of you have an oops experience or a verbal "oops" to share?
      I've had (and continue to have) so many 'oopsies,' that I can't decide which one to share!

      Take Care
      PPMS for 22 years (dx 1998)
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        When my fiance asked what i wanted for dinner i asked him to order me a small white garlic pizza with a side of cheese garlic bread....

        ... it took me a few minutes of him staring at me before i realized i asked him to order me the same thing. He still teases me about it and it's been over three years
        Dx March 2018; possible first episode: August 2011
        Tysabri May 2018-June 2019, Mayzent July 2019