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    Thank u 2 the poster who said he adds oregano and pepper to macaroni and cheese. I tried that today, & it's really good. I buy those frozen gluten free mac & cheese meals, because they're affordable & about all the energy I have to prepare.

    That's hard for me to predict, that someday I would be eating a frozen gluten free mac & cheese, because I don't have enough strength to prepare real mac & cheese.

    & thank u to the person who suggested banana slices and peanut butter. Very good.

    & since apparently all I'm doing is eating, I'm posting this smoothie recipe I saw on tv. It looks healthy & easy to prepare, but my husband helped me prepare it, because I couldn't even prepare a smoothie.

    & like me, if I can locate the URL & show, I'll post that later

    4. Cedric Smoothie (this and Gorilla Shake are most important!)
    Inspired by a little 3-year-old that was adopted by a member of the Gardens for Health International staff
    GHI fights malnutrition (which 44% of the children there have) by sustainable agriculture programs
    They give seeds to families and teach them to grow their own vegetable gardens
    They also give every family an avocado tree, to symbolize their long-term commitment to them, and because avocados are such a great source of health fat and much needed calories
    GHI has a farm and they make a form of the Glowing Green Smoothie every day for all the children from the villages that come, so they are getting something healthy every day
    More information on these smoothies and GHI please go to
    This smoothie is a great aid to moisturize dry winter skin from within
    Kale for protein, antioxidants, vitamins A, C and K, which works with calcium and helps to build strong bones. Kale also has omega 3 fatty acids
    Mango and lime juice for a boost of reparative vitamin C
    Avocado, to add a bit of heaviness to this smoothie in case you are on the run in the day and want to drink your lunch. Great for healthy monounsaturated fats, to nourish dry skin
    1 cup mango, chopped (ripe)
    1 cup curly kale
    2 Tbs. fresh lime juice
    cup avocado
    1 cup coconut water
    Instructions: Blend all until smooth.


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    the recipe was on the Queen Latifah tv show

    I like it because it tastes good and has lots of vitamins and minerals. But I need to stop cooking, because yesterday I dropped a cup of coffee beans all over the kitchen floor.

    The whole floor was covered. My daughter is coming Friday, and I'll ask her to help me dump the sweeper contents in the trash. Because my husband is as frugal as me, and if he sees all those coffee beans in the sweeper . . . .

    I think I'll be buying ground coffee from now on, but it could have been ground coffee all over the linoleum. Years ago, I was the one who never spilled anything, but now . . . . .

    I remind myself not to spill, but there she goes . , , , ,