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    I just wanted to share a recent experience with physical therapy.

    I hurt my back badly for the second time in a few years recently. I was annoyed to get a referral to PT because I get overwhelmed with all the medical appts, etc involved in my life now but I was desperate for relief.

    The physical therapist was able to identify that I have become very weak in my core, likely due to MS. He completely understood all the limitations I face when trying to exercise (heat, fatigue, pain, etc.). He was able to equip me with an hour's worth of exercises I can do on my own that do not involve anything that would make me overheated, overly exhausted, or in pain. This has been life changing. Not only because I can actually exercise now, but because someone really did understand. I have tried to use trainers before but I continually get "no pain no gain" and "push through it" type messages that are not helpful or healthy for me physically or mentally.

    The physical therapist was also able to do some corrective work to help some posture issues and structural things that were causing pain. This was a wholly different experience and I am so glad i went. I would not hesitate to go for a tune up as needed!

    Hi newbie but goodie,

    Good to hear you have had a positive experience with PT. Good for you!

    If you are not doing core strengthening exercises/stretching it is very easy to lose core strength. I always recommend some form of exercise/strengthening/stretching, it can reduce fatigue, pain, improve strength, help with balance, and help spasticity.

    Something I found very helpful was the combination of Physical Therapy(PT) with Massage Therapy (MT). The Physical Therapist I went to would do both each session, it was so helpful for tight muscles.
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      Good to hear about your experience.

      I've had PT multiple times since my MS dx about 10 years ago.

      You hit on an important point I've encountered re: our limitations.

      A couple of things I stress:
      - the therapist is familiar with MS and how it impacts us (even tough MS is unique to each)
      - I have the same therapist for the length of my treatments


        hi newbie,

        Snoopy really said it all. I can only add that in my experience first with a PT later with a trainer at the local gym, the trainer was hands down better.

        The argument often presented in favor of the PT is obvious, but consider this.... They are trained to be attentive to your needs with a knowledge of your disease (hopefully MS). They err very conservative to avoid at all cost any pain or discomfort physically or psychologically.

        I'm not pushing the "no pain etc" approach but lets be honest, we (with MS) know pain and will need to face it, with caution granted, but face it just the same. The more you use it the better is my trainer's foundation, and through communication over 4+ years I'm very happy with our results.

        Still. s l o w l y going down in both strength and flexibility but... feeling my solid effort alone lifts me above this affliction!