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Getting Dressed in a Wheel chair

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    Getting Dressed in a Wheel chair

    It is getting harder and harder for me to put on my clothes while sitting in my wheelchair, particularly after using the toilet. I can no longer stand up long enough to pull up my undergarments or to adjust my skirt. What do you recommend I do? I saw an OT a couple of years ago about this, but she was not helpful at all. I also saw a physical therapist. I try to do my physical therapy every day, but I still have the same old problem. So far, I've had more help from Youtube (searching for "gettting dressed in a wheelchair")! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! My bathroom breaks are getting longer and longer.

    I did two things, first I got a dressing stick, second I got pants that you do not have to pull down when you go to the bathroom, you just need to make sure that the bottom ( which has a cut and it separates away from your bottom) does not drag in the toilet water. If it does, you get a rather wet and cold surprise!trust me on this, I learned the hard way. You can find these items at quite a few locations. You just need to look for "adaptive clothing". Good luck.
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      Wheelchair Dressing

      Thank you for your suggestions, Hunterd,but tell me, what do you do with a dressing stick? How does it work?

      Also, I appreciate your suggestion about the pants, but I can't wear pants because I have severe chronic pelvic pain (not related to MS) so can't wear pants, jeans, PJ bottoms. It's ridiculous.