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  • AriD
    I have done a lot of pt for my balance and vertigo issues. I use the biodex machine which helped a lot. I haven't done any pt for about a year. I'm sure it would help but I am so tired on my days off I can't imagine doing anything but rest to gear up for work again.
    I also walk a lot at work but benefitted so much from the core and lower body strengthening work I did at pt. wish I could get back to it. My doctor really wants me to but my schedule doesn't fit it in nor does my fatigue
    I definitely recommend it though.

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  • mm247
    started a topic PT????


    I am an OT too!
    and I was prescribed PT and honestly I laughed it off. I walk around all day, maybe sometimes a little different if I am tired I went to purchase an elliptical machine and realize how hard it was for me to coordinate to motor plan and decide okay maybe I need PT
    Has anyone here done PT for higher level functioning? What sorts of things did you guys do?