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When it is appropriate to ask for an OT eval?

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    When it is appropriate to ask for an OT eval?

    I have a number of "minor" MS symptoms that become severe when I'm fatigued. I keep wondering if better planning might limit the issues. When should I be asking for an OT eval and to whom?


    I believe that OT should be ordered fairly early in the process.

    They are very good at teaching you ways to conserve energy.

    Even setting up your house/main areas of your house to conserve energy.

    The sooner the better energy.
    God Bless and have a good day, Mary


      ask your doc

      i am an OT!!!
      I would ask your doc anytime you feel like you are having trouble with activities of daily living. Bathing, dressing, grooming and using the bathroom. I work in an inpatient setting so these are the areas I touch on but there is nothing wrong with asking for additional therapy!


        I believe most patients wait too long before getting help from a variety of specialists. This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pain management, social worker, etc. This only leads to unnecessary pain & suffering for the patient. These specialists can help you reduce the impact of your daily tasks and improve your overall quality of life. They can help you rid your house of hazards, perform fall training, grip strengthening and help in many other ways. I have a shower chair, shower safety grips and even elastic shoe laces to help me get dressed.

        I hope you and others will call for an evaluation sooner rather than later. I wish you well ...


          Medicare and OT and other help

          I don't think Medicare covers getting OT or anything just for "help".
          Goodness knows I needs it though.


            Emily -

            Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) helps pay for medically necessary outpatient physical and occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services. There are limits on these services when you get them from most outpatient providers. These limits are called “therapy caps” or "therapy cap limits."

            The therapy cap limits for 2015 are:

            $1,940 for physical therapy (PT) and speech-language pathology (SLP) services combined
            $1,940 for occupational therapy (OT) services

            All people with Medicare are covered if Medicare finds that the services are medically reasonable and necessary. Medicare will pay its share for therapy services until the total amounts paid by both you and Medicare reaches either one of the therapy cap limits. Amounts paid by you may include costs like the deductible and coinsurance.

            Here is more information regarding this:

            Hope this helps!
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