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    Now that it is just me and my husband at home,we have gone to paper plates. Plastic silverware for breakfast and plastic spoon for stirring coffee. Granted it adds to the landfill but saves on water and my energy. I do have trouble keeping up with dusting. I have a lot of knick knacks that are very special to me so I know that does not help. I have gotten some good information here. Anyone have advise on cleaning a walk in shower easily.


      Originally posted by cloudedmoon View Post
      I try, but the house gets messy...I can't really afford to pay someone to clean. I got to do myself. Any ideas, to make it easier.
      I'm a writer/artist and have never been a neat freak but after MS, my messes have gotten epic! Two things that help me: 1) Adjusting my own expectations and 2) Dealing with the anxiety over "what people will say." So I have simplified everything, and never invite critical people over, if I can help it! At least, they never get invited back, that's for sure.

      --No clothes that need to be dry cleaned or ironed. Lounge clothes that can be worn to bed if I'm too tired to change out of them.
      --Change of clothes on hooks in bathroom, underwear in basket, so I don't have to run to the closet each time I need to change, with big plastic-lined Rubbermaid hamper in bathroom that can be moved to laundry room on seat of Rollator.
      --Clearing clutter, and putting the remaining things in drawers or cabinets to lessen dust.
      --Replacing old grimy areas of my old house with easy to clean surfaces (I can't tell you the last time I mopped my entire kitchen floor -- still looks "clean." )
      --Using disposable wipes on surfaces instead of dragging out sprays and towels -- one canister in each area
      --Changing to lightweight vacuum, and microfiber pad mops that don't have to be rung out
      --Dusting with microfiber mitts instead of having to grip a rag
      --Breaking cleaning jobs into 15 min. (or less) segments like Flylady suggests, which allows me to do much more in day.
      --Getting real about how little needs to get done for me to feel the house is "clean." Just doing those tasks and no more, unless I'm feeling really energetic.

      I save money to hire a neighborhood cleaning service to come for an hour or two once a month (around $90) to help me catch up on the bigger jobs, including changing sheets, mopping, thorough vacuuming, taking clutter to curb etc. I also hire a neighborhood student on his college breaks to help me do yard work, hauling etc. He only charges $10/hour. Friends/neighbors are often willing to help, too -- I had to get over my reluctance to ask, but now they call me to see if I need anything! Sometimes it's a kindness to allow them to see your needs and help solve them for you.


        Dusting is not that necessary if you have good filters on your HVAC system. Basically, I donīt dust.

        Laundry- I donīt sort colors from whites. I do one load of clothes a week and one load of sheets and towels. Once in a while I get "pink" something. Iīm now more careful with dark red items. I use the same set of sheets after each wash so I donīt have to fold them, just put them back on the bed.

        Bought pants that have the velour/microfiber finish so no ironing is necessary- also works with thin wale corduroy if you get it out of the dryer pronto.

        Got a counter top dish drainer and one of those new fangled dish drainer absorbent pads to go underneath- had a dizzy phase and was banging into the dish washer door when it was down. Now I donīt let the dishes pile up too much beyond the capacity of the countertop drainer. Dishes left in the sink will not breed, so you can greet them in the morning when you have more energy.

        Bought two ceramic coated frying pans- they clean SO easily- this has made a huge difference. Whenever possible, plan for leftovers so that you only have to wash a plate and not all the pots and pans after dinner.

        I use a plastic squeegee after every shower- always on the inner door surface, sometimes on the walls of the shower.

        Donīt have carpeting. Do have some rugs. Lowered the frequency of vacuuming and the world still spins on its axis.

        Saturday is laundry, trash, recycling, compost, grocery shopping day.



          My dh refers to my clutter as my 'nest'. I seem to manage to collect a lot of stuff around me.

          Housework gets old. I wish I were more organized but a few things work for me.

          I keep a bag or some sort of collection item near me or use it when I go through the house. I place anything loose or just lying around out of place, in the container.

          I don't know your situation; if you have family members to keep up with or clean up after, it's lots of work. Especially if they aren't helpful. You have to ask for their help in picking up and organizing. If they won't co-operate get a bag for them and when you make the rounds to pick-up put their things in the bag and put it in their room.

          As to everyday cleaning, just do the necessary things daily and set a schedule to do the other things. If you have a dishwasher that helps and if you can't unload it right away it's okay. Wash clothes daily so things don't pile up. I rarely iron and just don't buy things that wrinkle.

          Dusting can be once a week; deep cleaning like woodwork or floors don't have to be done everyday.

          Give yourself a break; if people are judging you by the way your house looks maybe you don't need those people in your life.

          If you are disabled to the point you simply cannot do things perhaps you can find someone or some agency that can help.

          A little 'funny' antedote. One time I went to a friends who was selling her house and I commented on how neat it was and organized. She smile and opened the oven door where her dirty dishes, pots and pans were hidden till she could find the time to do them. I don't recommend it as if it were me I might forget and preheat the oven :-) I guess that just shows you though that things aren't always what they seem!

          I wish you the best. Diane
          You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.


            Cleaning the walk in shower....

            Originally posted by tweetanimal20 View Post
            Anyone have advise on cleaning a walk in shower easily.

            I used my carpet cleaner in hubby's shower this morning (vinegar & grease cutting dish soap that starts with a "D"). I have never done this, but after knee surgery I can't get down on my right knee anymore.

            I figured the scrubbers in my carpet cleaner would do a much better job than I could....turned out pretty I just need the energy to scrub the walls.



              Originally posted by Misstiegan View Post
              I also figured out I can kind of hook a part of my vacuum on my power chair footrest and vacuum! I go forward till I run into something then backwards and repeat! Takes awhile and I'm sure looks hilarious but makes me feel like Im accomplishing something!
              Love this idea...just read it to hubby!!!