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Physical Therapy (electrical stimulation)

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    I'm glad I peeked in on this post! I have been experiencing lots of pain in my feet and right ankle. I am getting orthodics for my shoes (the kind that people with diabetes get who have neuropathy - they are soft soled), but it won't help my ankle. I've been told by different foot doctors that it's arthritis or tendons or ligaments - who knows? Anyway, I'm wondering if this TENS unit would help me or is it designed for back pain only?

    I went to PT for exercises for my ankle, but it only helps so much. I think one of the problems is how I walk now and the fact that I've fallen many many times. Lately, I've been using a ankle brace that the orthodtist gave me, but it's so bulky and hard to wear with my shoes.
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      TENS is good for muscles.
      Stretching helps with tendons and ligaments from tightening although take note that if there is past injury, ligaments can get over stretched. Stretching in warm water is a great way to reduce discomfort.
      Exercise helps to strengthen supporting structures of the ankle.

      Good footware and supports can make a big difference in protecting the ankle.

      Using creams like icy hot can be soothing as well as heat and/or cold packs depending on your preference.
      Be Well,


        thank you for the info!


          I forgot to add that Vitamin D is not a medication although doctors are strongly encouraging people to take it. They will typically recommend Vit D3.

          It's best to have your doctor get a blood level to see how much you need to make sure it's most effective for you.
          Be Well,


            You can get what is called a TEMS unit. You'll go through batteries a lot but a small price to pay for living a pain free life. It's especially effective for nerve pain. I've found that my vibrating pillow is good for that too, but again there's a battery problem.


              It is a TENS Unit. Be sure to get proper training before trying it on your own.
              Be Well,


                Originally posted by mstrent View Post
                Similar experience using an EMPI 300pv for NMES stim on my right leg. I am 55 years old Male and was officially diagnosed in 1996. I have a strong family history of MS. I understand it is thought to be non heriditary but you can trace it back 100 years on my fathers mothers side of the family.
                The NMES and a daily pt regimen has had a profound effect on my foot drop. I use a cane, walker, wheelchair, mobility scooter, stair lift.

                Currently the only medication I use is Vitamin D. After going through the ABC regimen I decided that a natural holistic approach was right for me. So far the NMES has allowed me to greatly improve foot drop. Also I have regained some ability to lift/bend my knee.

                Do not think that this is an instant cure I am measuring progress in Millimeters not Inches. It is exhausting, exhilarating and well worth the effort. The hardest thing for me is when I find a clinician who tells me " that will not work or you are doing this wrong"

                The methods I use are compensatory they work for me. This week we begin FES therapy with the EMPI machine using the foot switch, this is a second choice as I have had difficulties aquiring walkaide through Hanger. Wii fit is also part of my daily routine

                I am new to this site and loved reading your post. I noticed its from years ago but are you still using this e-stim machine. How often do you use it? I am getting one soon and wondering what your results are like now?
                Take care