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    Hi everyone. I have been researching (and researching). I read, in a lot of places, about the importance of eliminating wheat/gluten from your diet if you have MS. It is said to be inflammatory. Now, this might also be because I tend to read a lot of "natural" sights so it might be an influence of the genre that I read.

    I have been GF/WF since 2012. It happened accidentally. Hubby and I did paleo and I realized all my aches and pains, gastro problems and my post-nasal drip went away. I reintroduced gluten/wheat and found that the symptoms came back. It wasn't rocket science to figure out I don't tolerate it. However, I DID get ON in 2013. And now, here I am in 2020 with MS. So, obviously I was GF/WF before my first CIS.

    Anyway, after that long-winded many of you are GF/WF. And if so, or if not, what are your thoughts?

    Again, thanks for reading and responding.

    No gluten for me for maybe the past 5 years or so. I'm not really sensitive to it so if an accident occurs it doesn't really bother me. I started just to be a team player for the fam (put son on GF for health reasons) and just stuck with it.
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      After reading the book Grain Brain the doctor/author states that many grains have that inflammatory impact on us.

      I have never had a problem eating gluten -- no gas or bloating or upset stomach or whatever. But in one book I read about an MS diet it suggested cutting out gluten, so I did.

      The results were shocking -- in about 7-10 days it was like someone lifted a drunken hangover haze from my brain. I felt mentally much sharper, like someone had added 5-10 IQ points to me!

      Gluten is in everything it seems. (Food companies use gluten as a generic thickener since it seems to be cheaper than corn starch.) So it's easy to "fall off the wagon" and to eat gluten. I've done than quite a few times and each time I cut gluten out I have that same mental clarity thing a week or so after cutting it out. So I happily remain gluten-free.
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        I'm gluten free, dairy free, mostly sugar free.

        I detailed some of my experiences here. I've been fairly stable since beginning this diet. Until COVID. Seems like I really need a combination of this diet plus regular exercise. Have declined some.

        I've been disappointed that I haven't improved. I believe some people have. But stability is worth a lot.

        I recommend reading the book, The wahls protocol.
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          I do well on a mix of the Mediterranean / MIND diets, which include mostly anti-inflammatory foods.

          Whole grains are included, and I have no problem with these.

          I do eat pasta 1 - 2 times a week, with no problems or changes in symptoms.

          I am fortunate in that eating this way for the past several years, I very rarely have muscle aches or pains. No headaches, bloating, excessive gas, constipation, or depression.

          All things considered, having PPMS, I have good energy most of the time (I get fatigued mainly from heat sensitivity, high humidity/dew point, or from over activity).

          I feel lucky and grateful that I do not suffer from the food sensitivities or food allergies that many people do.

          Take Care

          PPMS for 22 years (dx 1998)
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            Originally posted by Mamabug View Post

            I recommend reading the book, The wahls protocol.


            Yes, I have that book. I ordered it a few weeks ago. I've been eating an 80/20 primal diet for years so her approach makes sense to me.

            Thank you.


              I adopted a gluten free diet earlier this year, although my MS symptoms have been very minor i try a stick to an anti inflammatory diet and don’t miss bread, pastries at all