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What's everyone taking for leg issues?

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  • msgijo

    I take Baclofen (up to 50 mg/day) but on the especially bad days, or more likely bad nights, I use Magnesium Lotion. I found it on Amazon. It works well for me when nothing else seems to help.
    Like you I prefer to not take prescription drugs, and so limit what I take to Baclofen which at a low dose keeps the spasms at bay during the day.

    Hope that you find some relief soon .

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  • Mamabug
    I don't usually experience that, but here's what I've read.

    Magnesium / Calcium supplements help. Potassium also helps.

    Stay adequately hydrated with pure filtered water. Chamomile tea or coconut water also help. Avoid sports drinks because they have artificial ingredients. ACV (apple cider vinegar) or eating pickles can help. ACV is so good for many other health issues. Don't take it straight. Add 1-2T to a glass of water; add some honey to make it a little more palatable. Or, I put 1-2T in a 28 oz smoothie and it's hardly noticeable.

    Stretching and other exercise helps; don't add too much exercise too quickly. Applying ice when it hurts can help.

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  • Seasha
    Hi Jen and good to see you back here again, even though you're having some problems.

    About a month ago, I started having intense leg spasms every evening before bed. I have had them intermittently for a few years, but not as intense and every night as I have been lately.

    My Dr. said to take 5mg flexeril each evening, but if the spasms come on strong in the beginning, I am to skip the flexeril and take 4mg of tizandine instead. (newly prescribed)

    This seems to be working for me, but if the flexeril doesn't stop them right away, I take a half dropper of CBD oil (ratio 20cdb/1tch) which helps remarkably!

    During the day, to help alleviate the pain in my leg, I've added more magnesium and potassium supplements. I also do yoga and stretching to ease up the pain.

    A word about taking these meds - they will make you very groggy and I usually sleep much more than I normally would! Strong coffee and lots of water in the morning helps.

    Anyway, this is my now routine. I hope you find something that helps. It's one of my worst symptom right now and I empathize with you!.

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  • sunshine008
    started a topic What's everyone taking for leg issues?

    What's everyone taking for leg issues?


    Is anyone taking anything specifically for leg pain and spasms?

    I take turmeric for pain during day, along with coconut oil, e, zinc, vitamin c, few others.

    Yet past two weeks up till 3 am with spasms and leg pain. Than gotta get up early for work so I'm shot.

    I really don't want to take meds so figured is check in on this one