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    Help with diets

    Hi......I am really trying to find a diet that I can follow even though I have secondary MS. Please let me know what you follow. Thank you!

    Am gluten and dairy free. If you were only able to do one, Id ditch the dairy. I try to eat a bare minimum of added sugar- helps prevent muscle cramps. I eat steel cut oatmeal for breakfast with nuts, flax oil, nutmeg or cinnamon, and sometimes a banana. The oatmeal is for keeping the GI tract moving on a daily basis. I take the CVS +50 probiotic. Supplements include, ALA, NAC, NAG, vit. D, Mg, primrose oil, milk thistle, ubiquinol and PQQ.


      Eat real food, not processed foods. Keep saturated fats below 15g day which means limit fatted dairy, high fat meats, minimal chocolate.

      Forget about cookies, cake, ice cream, candy.

      eliminate potatoes, carrots, rice, flour, pasta, soda, fruit juice. Get rid of sugar.

      If youre overweight, drop the weight. How? If you get rid of high glycemic simple carbs: pasta, rice, potatoes, cereal, breads, flour, sugar, fruit juice and increase protein intake, vegetables and whole fruits, the weight will come off as a by product of healthy eating. And dont watch TV during eating, pay attention to each bite, use a smaller plate to serve meals.


        I suggest that you read many of the MS diet books and begin to get comfortable with a largely vegetable based diet. These diets don't promise a 'cure' but they do help with lessening the misery of the symptoms and relapses. Good luck


          where can i find a MS diet book?


            Originally posted by diguilio View Post
            where can i find a MS diet book?

            This info (from the National MS Society) gives a synopsis and guidelines for 5 popular diets used by persons with MS:


            Personally, I do well on the Mediterranean Diet which is one of the diets listed.

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              George Jelinke- overcomingMS website now has a cookbook- hes dairy free but ok with gluten, low fat but thumbs up on flax oil.

              Terry Whals- Whals protocol- gluten and dairy free, close to paleo- LOTS of greens and veggies- youd basically have to incorporate them into smoothies to consume that much.

              Portland MS - vegetarian

              Swank- very low fat and avoids saturated fat

              newer research links gut microbiome with MS and what you eat affects the bacteria in your gut- -fiber feeds the good bacteria and sugar and excess meats feed the bad bacteria.

              You could simplify life and avoid simple carbs, eat more veggies, avoid dairy and watch your fats- most Americans have too many omega 6 fats in proportion to their omega 3 fats. Your brain is made with many fats and fats are used to make the cell membranes- so avoid saturated fats. f

              No one ever ate too much broccoli and you cannot outrun your fork.

              Do you like to cook?


                I dont believe there is such a thing asan MS diet. It is wise to heat a healthy balanced diet to keep our bodies as strong as possible but magic cure? I dont think so.


                  My two cents, here!
                  First, Dr.Swank's diet has been in print for a bunch of years. He began studying MS and diet around the end of WWII. He had patients, on his diet, that he followed for 30 years. His book is full of recipes and explanations of why he chose the ingredients that are included. I believe Temagami's post has summed up the MS diets, nicely ! Good luck


                    Diet research

                    Being the foodie that I am I ask my neuro about diet, he really in the end doesn't think it makes much of a difference. I still avoid dairy and fast foods and try to stick to fruits and vegetables and lean proteins (fish, chicken, turkey) avoid sugars (cakes, pies, cookies) and eat whole grain, as much as possible when I can. My neuro said I could try the "MIND" (similar to Mediterranean) diet and I pretty much eat that way anyways so I rarely consume cattle product (if I do I seek grass fed beef) but have a few slices of pizza here and there but eating healthy takes a bit of time to develop your own style/diet. Being to strict doesn't make sense I find, just watch saturated fats, sugar, cattle proteins, and salt, although none of its really proven to change the course of the disease (swank is a bit closer to prove that diet does help) but a healthy well rounded diet is better for your energy and health anyways.


                      I tend to lean more towards Wahl's than Jelinek with my eating but I would definitely say to avoid gluten as this is inflammatory and has also been linked to causing 'leaky gut syndrome'. This is where protein particles end up in the blood stream and then set up an immune system attack. Research has also shown that not one person on the planet actually has the right enzymes to digest gluten, it's just that the majority of people can 'tolerate' it. There is increasing suspicion that it plays a large part in the development of autoimmune diseases though.

                      I cut out gluten in July 2015 and would say it's been a life saver for me, quite literally. I no longer suffer from depression and I've gone from almost maximum dosage of Gabapentin and Doxepin for pain management to an extremely small dose.

                      My energy levels are a lot better without gluten but I do notice that if I consume too much dairy, then my fatigue levels are pretty bad.



                        Gluten is one thing I try to avoid but seems very hard to eliminate it completely.


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                            Fasting mimicking diets have been shown to have encourage neuro regeneration in mice with the MS model. They are not sure how that transfers over to humans but it is promising. I try to fast at least 16 hours a day and at least twice a week push for a 24 hour fast. There are weight loss benefits and gut microbiome benefits as well, all positive stuff. Of course make sure that when you are not fasting you consume good food and actually fuel your body instead of poisoning it. Everyone is different, my poison may not impact you and vice versa.

                            I do GF and avoid sugar and dairy but enjoy the occasional cup of Blue Bell....good stuff.

                            I was a practitioner of the Swank diet for a long time but have recently went back to eating red meat and dairy and don't watch my saturated fat intake as much. I actually feel better than I used to but I did consume a lot of sugar before (gummy bears was my crutch).

                            Veggies, meat, eggs and more veggies. Consume some keifer, kimchi and other fermented veggies as they are good for the gut.

                            I would say my main staple is Kauphy (its phonetically correct), I can't make it through the day without it.
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                              Weight loss

                              I was losing too much weight. I eat whatever I want but choose healthy and Im getting my weight back. I hated being skinny but Im feeling good and no sx are presenting themselves 👍