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gut micro biome and diet

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    gut micro biome and diet

    Went on a reading jag yesterday on medical news today.
    That led to many other articles. Here´s the short version:

    High fat/ high sugar diets increase the population of Firmicutes bacteria in the gut and decrease the population of bactericides. Firmicutes activate Th17 cells which are the link in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. These effects go beyond the gut and show up in the CNS- JUST from this bacteria population rising. Bacteroides lead to an increase in suppressive capacity ofT regulatory cells (Tregs) which increase ANTI-inflammatory cytokines. Tregs are induced by Lactobacillus and Bididobacterium.

    High fiber diets increase bacteroides and decrease firmicutes populations.

    The changes in the populations happen quickly and have lasting effects. For me this is enough scientific evidence to show that yes, diet in MS matters, a lot.

    So, I take this as confirmation of the benefit of taking probiotics, eating fermented foods, ditching sugar and processed foods, eating lots of whole veggies and fruits and trying to only eat grass fed meats- beef and venison. If you can´t ditch the junk food habit, at least aim to up the fiber intake and that will actually leave less room for the junk.

    Thank you Temagami for this article, that is interesting!


      Thank you for posting this. I have seen that a study finally proved that diet Does not help MS, but can effect mood. I know that changing my diet to very low fat has helped me tremendously, and what you wrote sounds spot on. Maybe the studies do show that new lesions don't stop because of diet, but day to day living symptoms are definitely better for me when I'm eating right. Thanks again!