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    essential oils...?

    Does anyone have any experience with, or knowledge about, essential oils? I've been hearing a lot about them lately (mostly from an old friend who now sells them) and it's got me curious. Of course, to read the hype, they are The. Best. Thing. EVER. But, that's the hype. I want to know about someone's real-life experience.

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    Essential oils are used in/for:

    Massage therapy
    Natural remedies
    Soaps & lotions
    Bath salts
    And are used for many things, even for cleaning.

    Lavender – Brings a natural calm for help with anxiety and restlessness.
    Peppermint – Useful for headaches and nausea.
    Eucalyptus – Effective for sinus and chest congestion.
    Lemon – Used in many natural household products.
    Frankincense – frequently used as a skin treatment.

    I have a few friends who use Essential Oils and swear by them, enough so, that I am considering giving them a try
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      I like essential oils. I mainly simmer them for the scents (lavender is great for relaxation!). Also, like to make different creams & lotions.

      But, I wouldn't give up my Neurotin or Baclofen for them!!

      Give them a try. Your friend probably has lots of different "recipes" for different "effects".

      There really are a lot of uses for the essential oils. Experiment and enjoy!


        Thanks for the info!

        I'm specifically curious about the medical applications/uses for the oils. In addition to the MS, I have asthma and allergies, and several times a year I get horrid sinus & respiratory infections. According to the promoters of the oils, the right ones (or combination of them) can prevent / treat / cure respiratory problems. It has me wondering....
        Mom was right: life's NOT fair. What she never told me is that "fair" is often irrelevant.


          I am reluctantly in love with my essential oils. I don't take any internally yet, but they have helped topically for a few things. When I had restless legs and some insomnia during my last flare, I applied lavender to my feet-that along with chamomile tea an hour before bed was the perfect combo for a decent night sleep. Currently I apply frankensense and myhrr to my lower back each night. Since I only half way buy in to this hocus locus, I used to sometimes miss a night or two until my husband correctly pointed out that when I skip it, I have more spastic back pain for a few days after. I'm working on finding an oil combo that achieves the same effect, at a cheaper cost though.


            Essential Oils everyday!

            I use essential oils everyday. There are some days that I am like a cat on a hot tin roof! Lavender does seen to help calm me down and helps me sleep. I have Lavender lotion and oil. I prefer to rub the oils on my feet. My daughter, who is 8, is not always fond of the scent but she understand why I use. I am not suggesting this is a cure all but I do know there are some oils that have helped with my chronic pain and anxiety issues.



              Don't diffuse oils if you have asthma. Oils can make it worse.


                Where do you buy good essential oils? I would like to try some.
                God Bless Us All


                  I love my Essential Oils.

                  I use YL oils and drink the NingXia red. I can tell you it has helped me out tremendously. I diffuse the oils and love them.
                  If interested send me an e-mail to discuss.
                  It has worked wonders for me mainly in the fatique area.

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                    here to buy essential oils

                    Most of the MLM oil companies are expensive. I've had good luck with oils that I've bought at Whole Foods and Amazon.