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Nutri-System anyone?

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    Nutri-System anyone?

    Thinking of starting Nutri-System as I have some good friends who have done really well on the program.

    My question, I've noticed that several items on the Nutri-System menu contain Soy. Isn't Soy supposed to be a
    no-no for MS'ers? If it is, then maybe Nutri System is not a good idea for me? Thoughts on this anyone?


    Soy is bad for MSers on the theory that ALL legumes are bad because they stimulate inflammation. (There are other concerns about soy that aren't specific to MS.) It wouldn't be just the soy, then, that might be a problem. It would be ALL legumes in ANY diet. So if you're eating beans, lentils, peanuts (and probably soy in things you don't know contain soy), etc. now, then the soy in Nutri-System meals shouldn't stop you.

    Also, some Nutri-System foods contain artificial sweeteners. There's been some concern about the role of artificial sweeteners in autoimmune conditions, including MS. If you're consuming artificial sweeteners now, then the ones in Nutri-System shouldn't stop you.



      I don't have MS (it's my DH). But I did try Nutrisystem for a while. I did lose some weight, which is understandable because the portions were so small (few calories). The only good thing about the small portion size was that the food was so BAD!

      If you like to cook, and enjoy good wholesome food, you will probably not like NS. However, if you want to lose some weight pretty quickly, it's an ok option. South Beach also works well, and is a good healthy diet. Isagenix is also good, which is what i am doing now.

      Isagenix is not soy-based, it is whey based.

      So that's my input, for what it's worth.


        I tried Nutrisystem for a while but got bored with their food. I was limited to vegetarian food though.

        I don't believe that soy or legumes are bad for someone with MS. I've been eating a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet since 1985, and legumes are an important part of it.

        As long as you eat a diet that is nutritious--not too much fat or cholesterol, not too much salt or sugar, plenty of fiber and enough protein, enough of the important vitamins--you may be doing as much as anyone can when it comes to staying healthy in spite of MS. At least that's my opinion, FWIW.

        SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2002-2005. Copaxone 6/4/07-5/15/10.


          We pick diets like we pick religions. It's the one that makes the most sense . theres scientific proof enough for almost any diet.

          So I'll give my my holy books: "The China Study". This shows evidence that all western diseases are based on animal fat and protien, especially dairy.

          Swank's studies and those based on his research. Saturated fat causes MS. You can hinder your progressio by sticking to a low saturated fat diet. Really now, not "trying hard" low.

          Doctor Jelinek has combined the two: No Meat (that's Red and white meats), fish is OK. No dairy.

          I don't know if legumes are bad or gluten. There are different theories about each. Soy has some issues with it according to some. I eat soy icecream and have soymilk in my coffee at starbucks.

          Choose one plan and stick to it, but don't pick and choose too much. Be sure to go to a nutritional doctor or read a book. Don't just do it piecemeal and feel you're doing you bit. No one cares how many chocolate sundaes you gave up if you sneak a steak later. Humans are poor at food math.