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    Originally posted by arizonaannie View Post
    Someone mentioned something about Laminins and they don't digest and become available but I noticed that the word you used was Laminins, not Laminine. It may not be the same thing. Laminine is what I take.
    Hi arizonaannie,

    It was Tara, the professional nutritionist who is in charge of this forum, who Googled Laminin instead of Laminine. Laminin is the glycoprotein which serves as the basis for Laminine, which in turn is the patented name for the product sold by LifePharm Global.


      wow....lots of negative comments

      I noticed that a lot of so called intelligent people have made comments on laminine and yet on u tube a long video from qualified doctors and also doctors who have tried laminine and they say that this product is positive. If you havent tried it or even spoken to anyone who has tried it in the world can u make a negative comment on this product. I personally have spoken to great occupational people who have tried it and all of them have said they noticed changes in themselves and also medical effects...Hey if you dont have the money to buy and try it ...then you should keep your negative comments in the peanut gallery. I will be trying it as soon as it comes here.
      Oh, by the way I have spent hours on researching laminine and I just dont know where some of you get your negative opinion of laminine . Sounds like you live in a perfect world...Good luck in your little corner of the world.



        I have been suffering from extreme depression and anxiety for decades. This "depression bee" was always flying around me and would just keep buzzing in and stinging me. My anti-depressants would be the salve that is "supposed" to dull the sting but as we know, a sting is a sting and there's not much that can be done about it; until now. I started Laminine 9 weeks ago. My depression has LIFTED. My anxiety GONE. I have DRIVE! I have PASSION!

        Feeling this happy is foreign to me; so very strange. It's complete "wonder" to finally experience joy, to FEEL joy instead of pain. ...and I'm now off all of my anti-depressants. Trust it or not, people, Laminine did for me exactly what they said it would. Wild horses could not drag Laminine out of my hands; I will take it for the rest of my life (which just became considerably longer and better by the way).

        I MUST share what happened last night and this will help you to understand just a tiny portion of what Laminine is capable of. I had a leaky kitchen faucet and toilet. I bought new parts but ran into rusted and stuck bolts, water gushing down on me, more stuck bolts, just impossible, confusing and daunting challenges every step of the way.

        My old self would have quit half way through and called a plumber. My NEW self wouldnít let up! I fought hard through each hurdle and overcame it. Thatís unusual and downright HUGE for me! Thatís another aspect of what Laminine does! It gives you the determination of an ant on steroids! This really cannot be explained; it simply has to be experienced! Now my tenants have a new kitchen faucet and a completely rebuilt toilet all done by YOURS TRULY!!!

        Another point worth sharing here is that I saved at least $350.00 by not calling a plumber!!

        I know there are a lot of negative comments from other people but we have not walked in each other's shoes. All we can do is share from our perspectives. No one's right. No one's wrong. It's simply a point of view produced by life experiences. Having said that, I have tried many, many other products. Some drugs, some not. The bottom line is this: Laminine has saved my life. ...has given me a new life. It's taken away my wife's hot flashes and the migraines she's suffered three weeks out of a month for 20 years. I'm sure there will be negative comments coming for one reason or another (sometimes ego based) trying to defend themselves or prove others wrong to fulfill a need to be right. Saying things like "Did you ask this question" or "did you research that". Arguments run rampant on the internet liken unto road rage because these interactions are impersonal. We are all individuals. We all have families that we love. We all have heartbreaking losses. Let's all keep this in mind as we walk our paths. Compassion first. The need to be right, dead last. Blessings, love and light.


          Just thought I would post links to 2 articles, one from the NMS Society, discussing laminin. I have been researching this myself. If you search for laminin without the "e" on the end, you can find a lot of interesting information about it.

          I apologize if posting these links are not allowed.




            I don't have any issues but my wife is filled with them. for last 12 years she has been dealing with severe shocks in her jaws. some say its ms, some say its trigeminal neuralgia. While some doctors said it was a tooth nerve and even allergies. lol. I see her cry, cant talk and I am sad for her. she has tried laser surgery, and cant tell you how many pills she has tried. I was upset when she spent 116 dollars on 3 bottles of Laminine. she pulls the capsules apart 3 of them puts them in a cup of water and mixes them. after drinking this for a week all symptoms are gone. I am very thankful to sky very very nice unique dud who recommended it. Small price to pay for a cure or relief of symptoms.


              I have been on Laminine for 9 weeks.

              I started taking Laminine on July 5th of this year (2013). It was introduced to me by a good friend of mine and I figured for the first month of $107 and only $35 per month it was well worth trying it.

              My Blood Pressure was extremely high around 217/170ish. My PTSD was so bad that I couldn't even go to the mall or drive in traffic. My back pain from the military made me have to crawl out of bed on a daily basis. I would not sleep well. I couldn't loose weight from diet or exercise because I had a rare form of Thyroid disorder. My allergies that developed over the last 4 years were so bad my Allergist recommended that I move to a dryer climate.

              Now, I am Stress Free, Full of Energy throughout the day, No joint pain, I sleep great, I stay focused on what I am doing, My Asthma is practically non-existent, No Allergies, No Migraines, My Blood Pressure is Now Perfect, and to top it off... I cut my little finger to the bone and it healed in less than 3 days!!! Now you can't even tell it happened!!!

              All of this change has taken place since I started taking Laminine. Life changing for me!

              You can learn more about Laminine at

              **Moderator's Note - url is not MS related***


                I had forgotten about this...I think I am going to revisit. Thanks for sharing



                  Laminine questions

                  I have read not only here, but elsewhere, how Laminine has been a lifesaver for sufferers of depression - among many other ailments. I also read in a naturapath's post that the formulation has been 'cheapened' in the past year, so he no longer would recommend it. Has anyone used it recently?

                  I thank you!