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Tips about putting grab bars in shower

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    Tips about putting grab bars in shower

    As a small bathroom is being remodeled, weíre looking at installing grab bar(s) into the shower/tub. Iíve never needed this before, so Iím not sure what the best placement would be. Iíve had MS since Ď94, and broke my ankle last December; Iíve healed but balance and fatigue has been a bigger challenge than usual since that time. Once I step into the tub Iím pretty much OK for the most part, until I need to balance getting out. Iíd appreciate any advice you have!

    Iíve remodeled a couple of bathrooms which have showers, not bathtubs. I like a vertical grab bar on the entry side, and a horizontal bar on the far side. The vertical bar helps me pull up, which works better for me. If the horizontal bar is slanted it gives you variations in height to hold.

    Good luck with your project.


      When my father was living with us, we put grab bars in the combo tub/shower.

      In the front where the shower head and faucets are, right over the tub, we put a vertical bar. We placed it there because the back part had his shower seat. So he used this to hold onto when he entered and exited.

      Inside, we also placed a grab bar on a diagonal on the opposite wall. The lower part of the diagonal was to assist when he would need to sit on a shower bench. Once he would start to get up, he could then use the upper part to help him stand and for when we needed to wash parts you couldn't get when he was sitting. I know some people also put a vertical grab bar at the back end of the shower/tub. Some also put two horizontal bars rather than a diagonal. I think it depends on how you use the tub and what gives you the most comfort and support. Try to envision how you would use it and where you would want to hold onto for support.

      There are some sites that if you google "placement of grab bars in tub shower", will come up and give you some ideas. Part of it depends on the type of shower and access you have - whether combined, separate, or roll-in shower.
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