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Exercise Check In 08/22/2019

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  • Seasha
    Great work Boudreaux! And Mamabug - not too shabby getting around with your sore toe.

    I didn;'t set any goals but I had a good week. Feeling more energized and was able to:
    Finally attend my yoga class that I've been missing.
    Babysat two mornings.
    Grocery shopping - lots of walking for me.

    I was going to hire someone to clean for upcoming company, but she got sick and cancelled at the last minute. I had to vacuum and clean all our hardwood and tile floors among lots of other cleaning -whew~

    I rather doubt I'll make any goal for next week. Plan to enjoy the week with company

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  • Boudreaux
    Glad to see you moving around despite your challenges Mamabug. Keep it going.

    My goals for this week were:

    2 nights of Jiu Jitsu: only made one, I had to prioritize yard work around the rainfall so.... missed it

    3-3 mile runs: 1-2 mile run....missed it

    3 days in the gym: 4 days weight training... got it

    Same goals for next week. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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  • Mamabug
    Thurs - 1202 steps;
    Fri - 1084 steps; PT
    Sat - 614 steps;
    Sun - 1199 steps;
    Mon - 1194 steps; PT
    Tues - 1319 steps; PT
    Wed - 2489 steps; PT; walked laps in my house

    Total steps = 9191 steps. Average: 1300 steps per day
    Total exercise = 5x

    My modified goals for last week were to track exercise, to try to do things at home and work towards
    being able to meet former goals sometime in the future.

    My second toenail removal surgery is still healing. I intentionally walked around the house on Wednesday. I'll try to do that more days. Hopefully, I'll be able to add some wellness center and Silver Sneaker activities in. The YMCA discontinued their chair yoga class a couple of months ago, and has been looking for a new instructor. I miss that.

    Former Goals:
    1. Average of 2,000 steps per day.
    2. Exercise at least 4 times out of 7 days. Silver Sneakers, recumbent bike at Wellness Center or YMCA, PT, YouTube chair exercises or something else.
    3. Include some strength training on some of my exercise days (could be PT).

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  • Mamabug
    started a topic Exercise Check In 08/22/2019

    Exercise Check In 08/22/2019

    4 checked in this last week.

    1 met modified goals.
    1 is recuperating.
    1 is trudging along.
    1 met partial goals.

    We're all doing the best we can!