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Exercise check in 08/15/2019

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  • Boudreaux
    Nice work y'all.

    My goals last week were:

    2 nights of bjj- putting in some extra time at work, only made 1 night.
    3 days in the gym- 6 days in the gym
    3 3 mile runs- 1 3 mile run, 1 4.3 mile run.

    Same goals for next week. Keep it going.

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  • KoKo
    Hello everyone

    I'm still trudging along with moving to the best of my ability, as you all are doing as well.

    I make it a priority to be up on my feet for 30 min, at least 4X a day.

    Also, I walk for 30 min, 5X a week, (with several pauses, though, to give my nerve signals some time to catch up ).

    In-chair ab crunches and daily stretches are going well, with a little more attention being given to the leg stretches.

    Like everyone else, some of my days are better than others.

    Wishing everyone good energy and perseverance.

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  • Seasha
    Good work, Mamabug!

    I'm still recuperating from all the visitors we had this summer. Have felt very weak, so didn't do much. Hope for a better week ahead.

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  • Mamabug
    I met modified goals

    Thurs - 1197 steps;
    Fri - 1958 steps;
    Sat - 708 steps;
    Sun - 1221 steps; PT
    Mon - 1396 steps; PT
    Tues - 1628 steps; PT
    Wed - 846 steps; PT

    Total steps = 8,954 steps. Average: 1279 steps per day
    Total exercise = 4x

    My modified goals for last week were to track exercise, and to try to do things at home.

    My next goal is the same, and to improve on this week and work towards being able to meet former goals sometime in the future.

    I had my second podiatrist appointment (first one was end of June) and more things done; waiting for healing. Difficult to wear shoes and go out and exercise. Will keep trying to do some things at home.

    Former Goals:
    1. Average of 2,000 steps per day.
    2. Exercise at least 4 times out of 7 days. Silver Sneakers, recumbent bike at Wellness Center or YMCA, PT, YouTube chair exercises or something else.
    3. Include some strength training on some of my exercise days (could be PT).

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  • Mamabug
    started a topic Exercise check in 08/15/2019

    Exercise check in 08/15/2019

    3 checked in this last week.

    I'm going to say Boudreaux made it, because you did extra on other things.
    I didn't really have goals for last week, but, I did a few things and set modified goals for this week.