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InterStim should or shouldn’t??

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    InterStim should or shouldn’t??

    I have had a long history of bladder issues and UTI’s , currently I have had 4 UTI’s since May. My issue is I can not empty all the urine from my bladder, which has lead to UTI. I have been self catheter for 3 years as needed, but now it is not helping.
    My doctor has performed all the test needed, and I have been on several antibiotics to end this, nothing is working.
    I am scheduled next week to have the “Medtronic InterStim “ test done , to see how /if I want to move forward with the procedure to have the device implanted.
    is there anyone that can share their experience with me.

    I have bladder issues also. I don't have experience with Interstim but I will also be interested in hearing from anyone who does. I hope you find a solution and can stop the UTI's.