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Has anybody tried Myrbetric?

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    Has anybody tried Myrbetric?

    I've been taking oxybutin (Ditropan XL) for 15 years. It works for bladder urgency but has side effects: constipation, dry mouth, dry eyes, decreased sweating. The constipation is a constant struggle. I just realized the decreased sweating was probably contributing to my heat intolerance. If you don't sweat ( or glow, as we ladies in the South like to put it), your body can't cool itself.

    I asked my urologist if there was anything new that might be better and he gave me some samples of Myrbetric. I took it for 3 weeks. The last day I had two MAJOR accidents, one just sitting in my wheelchair. This never happened on oxybutin. I immediately went back on to oxybutin, and back to the side effects, but in control.

    Reading, it did say that Myrbetric takes up to 8 weeks to be fully effective. That little tidbit was not included on the drug information provided with the samples, and my urologist did not mention it.

    Has anybody tried Myrbetric? Did it work for you?

    that was not mentioned when I was going through all the "steps" of my troubles. Now that I have a suprapubic catheter, there is no need. I wish you nothing but good luck with this.
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      I recently tried Myrbetric and had a similar response - - urgency was definitely worse and had a couple accidents. After about 3 weeks I went back to Vesicare.

      Like you, I had NOT been told I it takes 8 weeks to reach efficacy. I'm not sure I have the patience to try to it again.

      Best of luck to you...


        Thanks for replying. I checked out the side effects for Vesicare, which are about the same as oxybutin. I guess the meds that work just have side effects.

        My Neuro has suggested cutting back to a lower dosage of oxybutin, which was not quite the disaster that Myrbetric was. It didn't help enough to make it worth worrying about accidents.


          Myrbetriq has worked wonders for me no side effects. Ditropan and Vésicale gave me awful side effects and worsened the already high pressure I have in my eyes. Myrbetriq doesn't affect high eye pressure or wor send glaucoma symptoms.



            Did it take a long time for Myrbetric to become effective? I'm back on oxybutynin and hating the side effects. Everything seems worse after having been off it for a few weeks.


              My urologist just gave me 3 wks of samples to see if I like it. She didn't say anything about it taking 8 wks to reach efficacy.
              God Bless Us All



                I have been on Myrbetric and every other drug for urinary frequency; not urgency fortunately. The newest one, Tropsium, seems to help more than any of the others. Not too much help at night, but enough. In other words, I wake up every 2-3 hours instead of 1-2 hours. I will take the 2-3 hours. Next step could be Botox injections but I cannot seem to learn how to self catherize and understand that inability to urinate could be a problem with Botox so I guess I am somewhat stuck.

                Thanks for being here to listen.

                Regards, Maxi


                  Maxi----for night time overactive bladder my neuro prescribed amitryptiline. (sp?) It's a very old school AD (Elavil). Since it causes wicked sleepiness, it's not used much during the day for depression any more. It sure does work for me and my bladder at night. I take 30 mg, but started out at 10 mg about 12 years ago. As long as I restrict my fluid intake after 8 p.m., I do not get up even once during the night. If I do have some fluids after 8, I'll get up just once during the night.


                    Myrbetric 50 mg

                    I tried Vesicare for 2 months - no help. Called and told them and gave me 2 months samples of Myrbetric 25 mg; spoke to them and said some help but still not satisfied; gave Myrbetric 50mg time release -- I told dr. about 50-70% better and she wrote prescription. Been on for 3 months and don't feel like it is helping me as much, but may be the best I'll get with MS. I'll ask dr in July.

                    Hope that helps someone.


                      I started on Ditropan, used Vesicare for years. When the Vesicare stopped working tried Myrbetric,
                      that didn't work for me . I just tried the botox so far so good, no meds needed but it has only been about 10days. The Vesicare caused so many problems. I always had constipation which resulted in
                      Diverticulitis and a bowel perforation. Last year, I spent a fortune on my mouth which I believe the terrible dry mouth contributed to tooth decay and teeth falling out. I finally got the implants needed and crowns etc...Hoping not to every go back on Vesicare.