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    Originally posted by Carolinemf View Post
    Hi GooGoogirl,
    This would have to be one of the hardest things to deal with. So sorry.
    I hope you find comfort in sharing.
    There are many here who can empathise and offer practical advice if needed.
    Thank you Caroline
    And even though the moment passed me by I still can't turn away
    'Cause all the dreams you never thought you'd lose
    Got tossed along the way


      It's the most embarrassing of all the indignities MS brings.

      Urinary incontinence - Depends are my friends. It's mainly because I forget to "go" on a regular basis. And then when the need strikes it is a race I don't often win.

      Any distractions along the way spell disaster. I have to concentrate. No more checking emails before I get out of bed - up and at it.

      Worked out my bowels generally demand attention about half an hour after eating. Like toilet-training a puppy.

      Usually this is doable if I'm within wheelie-walker distance of a lavatory.

      Let's say 50 metres. Has to be a straight path, no 90 degree angles and no hoicking the thing up a ramp, and definitely no stairs, otherwise trouble ensues.

      I think all the movement (standing, walking, reversing onto the lab - which I can't "sense" anymore) sends things through faster.

      Good luck. Incontinence pants are way too expensive.


        Incontinence--what I've found out

        I'm the person who started this thread. I thought I'd share some little ideas which have helped me, although not totally solved the problem.

        I went to a Urogynecologist who was very understanding and enabled me to share my story using pictures, etc. She later performed a Urodynamic Test, which involves running cool water through your empty bladder and telling the technician when the bladder starts to feel full and when I couldn't hold it any longer. Determined irritable bladder. Tried 2 meds w/no help -- now on Myrbetric 50 mg with maybe 50% benefit. I still wonder if that's enough or if I should try another method? I guess I'll discuss when I see her again in July.

        Bowel incontinence -- she prescribed 2 gummy fibers 2x/day -- yes that's right over the counter gummy fibers of any brand. She said add an imodium and adjust until the problem goes away. Amazing it has helped 70% for me. I have charted my food intake and find that eggs and salad in particular make me have more loose/uncontrollable bowels. Also I find if I "go" to the toilet as soon as I feel like I need to, I'm good. If I'm in a store or somewhere where the bathroom is a distance a way I can have incontinence so I carry a clean pad and clean underwear at all times.

        She also sent me to a pelvic floor therapist to learn exercises to make my muscles stronger, leading to less "accidents". Really easy -- 20 reps of kegal like exercises except using rectum/anal muscles instead of vagina. She said slow easy movement only; 20 reps of putting 10" ball between my knees while my legs are bent and propped in bed or recliner, slowly squeezing knees to ball - 20 xs; and bridges laying on back with knees bent/propped lifting pelvis easily holding 5 seconds and releasing 20x. Yes they worked. I can tell because I stopped PT in Feb and haven't been doing them at home -- I need to get busy again.

        I hate having to think about it, but at least these simple things did help me. Hope some of you can get some relief too.



          Incase any of you are still suffering I have finally found a good product for incontinence. Its a new company called Hexa and Co, they deliver discreetly to your home and they are half of what I was paying for other pads and diapers. I will post their link here incase you are interested, but they were a lifesaver for me.

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