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Use of Male External Catheters (condom catheters)

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    Use of Male External Catheters (condom catheters)

    I have used this wonderful solution for years. Initially, for whenever I left home then, as my mobility decreased, I have used them at night because I cannot get out of bed by myself and I can no longer take a step. After at least 19 years of dealing with the curves MS tosses us, my mobility continues to decline. It is now increasingly difficult to transfer from my scooter or power chair to the toilet. I fear falling because that requires me to use my Greatcall which brings our fire dept.

    My question for our MS community is; does anyone out there have experience wearing external catheters for 20 or so hours a day? My urologist has discouraged my use of them for as many hours that I want to. He cautions against skin breakdown and sores.

    Personal experiences, please.

    Have you considered ALTERNATING between a condom cath & bag with a depends or such?