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    bowel kincontinence

    I saw the neurologist today. He told me that the spinal cord was in bad shape and I cannot get a new one.
    That I would just have to learn to live with my problems.

    first of all, do you have any other diseases that affect your spinal cord? Secondly, I would be researching to see if anything can help. Third of all, while it may be so, I would be less than thrilled if my neurologist said that to me, and I think that I would be looking for a new neurologist. I MO
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      My whole body is a mess. I have CHF, A pacemaker and MS. I was diagnosed in 1966. Bake then they had very little knowledge ab out MS. They did have ACTH treatments but that was about it. I was so thrilled when they would talk about new treatments they had discovered only to find out it did not work. I finally gave up and decided I would have to learn to live with it.

      Now they have medications that seem to help if they get you started on it fairly early but I had years before they had any medication. We all know there is no cure and I accept that. Talking is very difficult, swallowing is a big problem, Legs are useless. I have had the whole realm of problems that MS gives us. I have had bladder problems for 49 years and bowel problems for

      I can no longer do MRI's because of my pacemaker. The CT Scan shows severe damage to the cervical spine and the lumbar spine. I have done lots of research on all the treatments for bowel incontinence but my research and it sounds like most of the treatments are fairly snortlived. I doubt that I will be around much longer so I'm just not much interested in any treatments that aren't sure thing