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Bladder leakage

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    Bladder leakage

    I've started having problems with my bladder suddenly and inexplicably deciding to leak at times, sometimes in quite a major way, other times only a little bit.

    The last time I had bladder issues was when I was in the midst of an episode of a useless leg and only occurred when I was warm, as in just having had a shower.

    This time, I jumped down off my horse and had a great spurt of urine. I then was rushing inside to change, tripped over and it was all over red rover. Both of these activities I've done lots and lots of times before, without accidents of this nature so I don't know that it's stress incontinence.

    Today I bent over to pick something up off the carpet and again sprung a leak.

    I'm pretty good with the old pelvic floor exercises so I'd don't know whether this is the answer, but would welcome any other suggestions people might have.

    no fun!

    hi poppy!
    bladder problems are quite common with MS. I'd had a full bladder workup and was on meds more than 6 mo. prior to dx.

    i'd let your neuro or gen. dr. know about recent problem. mine was controlled by meds. easily for over 10 yrs.

    hopefully yours can be easily controlled.
    maybe not drinking too much an hour or so before riding would help too ?

    praying it works out for you.

    take care & God bless ya!
    "All things are possible for those who believe." Jesus