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    Whoa, that's never happened before

    I was on my way home tonight when I got the sudden urge to pee. That's always how it hits, I'm used to it by now. I was pretty much dancing in the car on the way home to hold it in. I finally got home a few minutes later (my trip was less than 10 minutes) and I'm rushing to the bathroom. Before I could get there, a little bit of it actually started to come out! It wasn't a total flood or anything, but I'm 29 years old and I just partially peed my pants!

    This scares me a little bit. I've had bladder urgency and frequency for 2 1/2 years now, but that's the first time the urine has uncontrollably come out at all. Should I be worried that things are getting worse? Or could this also be because I am having a flare right now and maybe it's just a little worse than usual?
    Diagnosed 1/4/13
    Avonex 1/25/13-11/14, Gilenya 1/22/15

    I don't know that I would get overly anxious about it happening one time, but if it persists, please let your neuro know about it.

    He may refer you to a Urologist who can evaluate what's going on. It could be due to the flare, it could be a uti, but we'll let the drs figure that one out. There are also meds that can help with this.

    In the mean time, you might want to consider wearing a light pad "just in case"


      Urinary Incontinence

      I would definitely not panic yet. But, I would start a spreadsheet and track the # of times you go a day. How much you are going and if this happens again. This will be something the doctor will find invaluable when you go see the urologist.

      Good Luck... thinking of you. See my next post regarding the same issue but advanced.



        Don't panic that has happened to me once. However, I get the URGENT need to urinate quite often. But losing control has only happened once.
        Dx'd 4/1/11. First symptoms in 2001. Avonex 4/11, Copaxone 5/12, Tecfidera 4/13 Gilenya 4/14-10/14 Currently on no DMT's, Started Aubagio 9/21/15. Back on Avonex 10/15

        It's hard to beat a person that never gives up.
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          Urinary remedies

          Hi, istri, sorry you had this semi-emergency. Now in my 11th year since a dx, I had symptoms like this almost from the beginning. The neuro referred me to specialist (Univ SoCal), who recognized immediately that my bladder wasn't emptying completely, prescribed self-cathing accoutrements and also prescribed a medication called Detrol LA (now generic and practically costless.) I'm not advocating anything, but it's a common MS sx, and fairly straightforward remedies are regularly recommended. Good luck with a solution to a thorny problem.!


            don`t sweat it yet. i went to the urologist after it happened for the ?? time (10 or 11), and he said that if it would have only happened a couple times he would not have been worried about it.
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              Oh I hear you, lstrl, that nasty last few minutes wriggling in the car, moving the seat belt, praying that The Blessed Lord will just let me hold it until I can make it inside.

              My main bladder trouble is I can't walk/ wheel/ lurch fast enough to get to the "facilities" in time.

              It is ridiculous.

              Mostly I get there, but quite often I get home, whip my strides down and pee behind a tree, or the big green garbage bin.

              I figure the police would be understanding, and to be honest, it could be quite entertaining for men of that dodgy persuasion.


                Thinkimjob, you crack me up. And hey, they're allowed to pee in the bushes; why not us?