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    Control is the answer

    I have had ms for about 30 years. these bladder/bowel issues are definitely among the worst. I have conquered the bladder problem by using a catheter for about the last 7 years. This is not as horrible as it sounds. For a woman it's quite easy and liberating.
    The bowel issue is harder. I too have had "accidents" three or four times. This was truly awful. All the instances were away from home. The only way I have found to deal with this is to use a suppository every day. I know this can't be healthy, but I want to be sure my bowels are empty.
    Any suggestions?

    I have similar problems.

    When I had several bowel accidents in public I made an appointment to see a GI doctor that specialized in neuro bowel problems. He was recommended to me by my neuro.

    One of my main issues is that I have problems 'pushing' the stool out then at the most inappropriate times I get the urge to have a bowel movement and cannot control it in time to get the bathroom. Several accidents, many close calls.

    The GI doctor suggested I try a glycerine suppository once a day (or every other day) after I eat breakfast. This is similar to the routine someone with a spinal cord injury might use.

    I am not an early riser so my first meal tends to be lunch. So daily after lunch I insert a glycerine suppository. Some days there is just a small bowel movement; other days I can have several movements over an hour.

    While the suppository ritual is no fun the upside to this routine is that I have no accidents or worries for the rest of the day. Before I started this routine in June I was having anxiety and panic attacks when I left the house due to worrying about whether I would have an accident while I was out. The anxiety and panic attacks are subsiding!

    Hope this helps!