Even though I also have MS (diagnosed 2007), I am actually writing about my mother. She was diagnosed in 1996 with MS. She is walking with a rollater walker and her legs are extremely heavy. Her main issue is recurring Bladder Infections!! I'm talking on antibiotic for 10 days off 5 back on. Each time a different string of bacteria. She is allergic to sulfa drugs so has either been on Cipro or Macrobid. This is wearing her out very fast and have since seen an increase in her general weakness all over.
Years ago she did a test that showed she retains urine and they told her then it may or may not help to self cath. She decided she wasn't ready for that. Now, she has changed Dr's due to moving and they say that they don't think that will help. She is scheduled for urodynamics test and an ultrasound of bladder the end of July was the soonest they could get her in!
If you have experienced this, ANY insight into this problem would be great!