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Attaching a foley bag on a power chair

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    Attaching a foley bag on a power chair

    I now have a supa pubic catheter and have trouble attaching the foley bag to the power chair. All instructions found shows attaching to a manual chair even the "Dignity" bag instructions.

    Anyone have suggestions?

    drainage bag

    in the beginning, I put the drainage bag and tube into a cloth bag, designed for this and purchased where I buy catheter supplies, and the bag was just tied onto my armrest, high enough to stay above the wheel. My caregiver, handy with a needle and thread, converted a wheelchair saddlebag into a more durable carrier and that's what I use always now.

    Good luck!


      the other option is to use a leg bag- they range in size from 500mls to about 800mls and you attach them to your leg ( eiher to you calf or thigh depending on what you find most comfy) i am overweight so thigh is not practical so i have it connected to my lower leg. obviously you need to be able to empty the bag more frequently and tha is getting harder for me now when i am away from home.

      obviously these smaler leg bags would not be convenient for over night either, you'd be empting them too often to get any sleep so you just connect the larger 2 litre overnight bags to the bottome of the leg bag (piggy back it onto the leg back). if yo

      the leg bag is nice and discrete if you are wering a long skirt or trousers. i have used the larger bags and attached to my electric chair - usually if i have been in hospial eetc and then i have made y own dignity covers that i can suspend from the seat base as my issue is hat is is harder to hide the tube from the catheter to the bag but if it is slung from under the edge of the seat in the front it is easy o get to to mpty and the ubing is easier to conceal


        Cleaning bags

        How do you clean your bags and overnitebag? How long can you use 1 before replacing them. ASAP


          I have alot of sedament so my bag is cleaned sometimes every 1 to 2 weeks. If it is really bad I replace the bag every 2 weeks.

          I'm still trying to find a way to attach it to my power chair.