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Ok I am officially disgusted with myself

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    Wish I had better advice for you, but what I do have is easy. Make sure you eat enough fiber. If you don't get enough in your diet, get some "fiber" pills. I know it sounds backward (like it would MAKE you have loose stool), but quite the contrary. Fiber helps the stool "bulk up". That ensures formed stool. Be sure to "try it out" with fiber, when you are staying home....then you will have an idea of what is YOUR needed amount.
    Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.


      fishead is correct that fibre can be in both ways depending on how much fluid you take in as well, less fluid and the fibre products will firm things p but more fluid will soften things up. basically once you know you have a control problem , it becomes about keeping things a controlled and predictable!

      i certainly have no control over when i need to go but i also run into problems if things are too soft, then i do not have enough strength and control to pass it- that becomes unplasnt, i get bladder spasms if there is something low down but that i cannot pass- i think i have finally worked out q system that usually workes for me. I have inreased mobility problems- i need an over toilet raiser which means if i am away from home i can run into problems- i can transfer to he toilet but htne its too low to get back up! i am waiting and dreading the time i get stuck and cannot get back to my wheelchair!! i would hate to ring the mergency services just because i am stuck on the poh! so for that and many other reasons i am treating things in a similar way that sci patients do so that things are predicatbel as possble and i am safe when i leave the house


        OMG I am releaved (and sorry) to know it is not just me! I have started probiotics and am going to start bulking up on the fiber today! My problem really got bad last week when I would lose control every time I fell asleep! Now I am scared to go to sleep! My DH fusses at me telling me I can't stay awake 24/7.

        If I fall asleep watching TV, it turns into a nightmare. I have taken so many over the counter anti diarrheals this week before I go to bed and they do little or nothing. I am so TIRED!! If I had a bathtub I would sleep in it!! the adult diaper did little to help!

        I'm a retired nurse and still embarrassed. I think if it happens while I am in public, I will never leave home again.


          Bowel Incontince disgusted and frustrated!

          I have RRMS and a bad loweback problem hence bowel incontinence infrequent but very upsetting.

          Been to my neurologist and stopping back meds that can cause diarrhea . Still some leakage and I am waiting a bit as told, then hoping things calm down or solumedrol possible for MS cause.

          Planning a vacation is a nightmare, even to go out in public for a short timeworries me.

          I the past have just pooped myself and did not even feel it!

          I am at my wts end with this


            ? solution

            The problem with occasional bowel incontinence is one that has plagued me occasionally for a couple of years. I find it very embarrassing. It is always when I am upright. I had a continence nurse visit me a few weeks ago. She has suggested some anal plugs (made by coloplast, same as the speedicath self catheters I sadly have to use. ) These are very strange little things that one can insert like a suppository using a bit of gel. They then open up in the rectum like an inverted cup.There is some gauze left hanging out to pull it out. I can not feel them at all when inserted (? poor sensation), but I am pretty sure it stopped me having a problem on one occasion. I will most certainly use again if I think I might have a problem-if just for peace of mind.


              That sounds good to me!
              Now for the past three days I am having trouble with my bladder it just "DUMPS"! No warning or anything! I can't stop it and my adult diaper won't hold it, it is just to fast. So I have to take another bath and clean up a mess. I tried AZO but no help.


                Happens at least once/week

                I feel the urge to go, but once it's "on deck" as my husband would say, there's no stopping it. There are times I can't even tell if I've already gone or not until I get to the bathroom. I always wear a Poise pad, as I have bladder accidents, too, and carry an extra pair of underpants wherever I go. I used to feel humiliated, but now just figure it is what it is. I don't like it, but if I have an accident, I just clean up and move on. I'm always happy if it's a "neat" as it makes clean up easy. It definitely makes traveling and going places interesting, but I try to make sure I don't go anywhere until I've done my business. Even then, I could have gone an hour before and end up having an accident anyway. I walk with a rolling walker, so if I'm far from a bathroom, I just resign myself that I'm not going to make it and am glad I'm always prepared. Just know you're not alone. It's just another hardship we have to deal with due to list lovely disease called ms!



                  So is there no treatment, no medication for this? I guess it will only get worse as I get older.


                    Know how you feel

                    Although pretty common for us MSers....I thought I would just die when it happened to me the first time. I started taking a probiotic, Align specifically, and I was better in 2 days....seriously. What I had struggled with for about 6 months,stopped in 2 days after taking kidding, and I've been okay ever since. Once I was better for awhile, I stopped taking it and I'm still okay.
                    "God doesn't give you what you can handle, He helps you handle what you are given."


                      This happened to me today in the mall for the first time I was embarrassed but accidents happen


                        Bowel problems

                        Originally posted by CaroleL View Post
                        HellsBells, I'm like you and can't tell the difference. I've had more accidents because I took the chance that it was gas.

                        Sometimes all I get as warning is an instant urge with difficulty holding back. Then everything lets loose. I'm very lucky to have my husband. He is so kind and so good to me. He usually cracks a joke than takes me to the washroom. He'll even clean my messes then help me into the shower.

                        It can be embarrassing if you have company. But otherwise, I think it's uncontrollable and therefore I can't do much about it. Except find a little humor in the situation, clean up and move on.

                        Please tell your loved one!!! You may find him very understanding, compassionate and helpful. And you won't have to stress about it when it happens.

                        I can't tell difference. There has been so many times I have gone to the bathroom and darn if I didn't ruin another pair of my underwear. A lot of times, especially if I am going to be away from home for any length of time, I will make sure I put on a pair of my Depends. It still makes me feel so uncomfortable that I have to wear diapers.