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Extreme Head Pain

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    Extreme Head Pain

    So last time my wife and me were having sex. I started to get a head pain. Like in the top of my head towards the left side. Once I finished.. the pain became so much I literally rolled off of the bed and rolled on the ground grabbing my head. Hands down worse head pain Ive ever had.

    Time to get graphic I guess. So every thrust it would hurt more. I do not know what would cause it. We had sex today and I could feel it coming on again. At least this time I was on my back and maybe without the extra energy into sex it didn't end with a huge pain. I could still feel it there though.

    I honestly thought the first time a blood vessel popped or something serious. Today I did a bunch of yard work and worked up a good sweat so I do not think it is just getting hot and getting my heart going. It must be something tied to my climax. Which honestly makes it even worse.

    Anyone have something like this? Anyone? Am I about to pop a blood vessel?

    Meds: Gabapentin 300mg (once a day) Tech 240mg (twice) Prilosec (once)

    Ms sucks.

    I think I found what I am looking for. But I do not still understand how to prevent them.


      You should discuss sexual headaches with your Physician for the best advice and evaluation. In the mean time the link below might offer you some insight.
      Diagnosed 1984
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