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Now I have Peyronie's disease

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    Now I have Peyronie's disease

    I have had numbness with my penis for quite a few years, but for ~3 years I could not get a full erection. I figured it was a symptom of MS. During an urology exam yesterday he stated that my erection issue was due to me having Peyronie's disease (fibrous nodules or lumps).

    They do not know why this occurs. One school of thought is that it is due to injury and another school of thought is that it is an auto-immune disease. Does anyone else have this?

    I'm so sorry for your diagnosis!

    Have the doctors mentioned any options, surgery or treatments possible for this?
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      Surgery would be a very last (& extreme) option. The doc has given me cialis because it increase blood flow and seems to have fibrous reduction properties. There are no drugs approved for this condition though.

      I thought it curious that this might be a auto-immune disorder with me having MS as well. Oh well...crap...

      At least my wife of 32 years is very understanding.


        Hey Bikerider.

        I am the one with MS in our family but just wanted to share with you that my husband has Peyronie's disease.

        He noticed that his penis got crooked and went to the doctor about it and was diagnosed with this disease. His urologist did seem to really lean towards an injury. But we couldn't think of anything that had happened.

        He did get shots which seemed to help a little. But he was like you and the surgery was out of the question. We are in our late 50's and have been married for 38 years. So, he thought he could live with it.

        Around the same time that this showed up he did also have a bout of Pemphigus - another weird auto-immune disease.


          I can relate

          I'm glad to have this subject i am only 24 yrs old jus recently diagnosed with MS in Nov 2012 and just recently married 2 yrs ago and Im at a point where I'm just never in the mood to have sex, be intimate, or even cute and cuddly anymore! My husband has been by my side every step of this thing and understands that I'm going through some changes right now but he just keeps saying he feels like I'm not even attracted to him anymore and more than anything I don't wanna make him feel like that especially since we are newlyweds and so young but I just cant find that feeling anymore!


            one of the first symptoms i had was something like peyronies but it wasn't it just looked like it .. my penis would bend to the side and cramp-up sometimes instead of getting erect .. i was told erections are a complex nerve signal series one sending blood there the next trapping it in my case it was reversing doing the later first at times


              peyronies disease etc

              am 56 now,and got problems a frew year back now,i take erection pills but now not working.i try to keep fit to a certain level but no joy.i miss my younger self where i had no problems,it probley does not help as i dont have the love to give to other half like i used to.i find the past still hard to get over,and no was not me who went behind back.i have always been to faithfull and still am after 30 so years now.i have got to have another ed operation next year i hope but dont think thats going to help.even penis pump is no good am at a loss and depressed all the time its a long long story being which i should sell maybe one day.


                The use of a penile traction device reduces the need of cycles of collagenase

                Based on the clinical study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, May-2019, The use of a penile traction device reduces the need of cycles of collagenase in patients with Peyronie disease, by Dr. García Gómez, Dr. Romero-Otero et al.

                The results of the clinical study was: 63 patients were available at the time of the analysis of the data. 4 were lost to follow, so 59 patients received 1 cycle, 41 received 2 cycles, 15 received 3 cycles, and 4 received 4 cycles. Mean curvature at the end of the treatment was 36º with a reduction of -24º (-40%). 15 patients required additional surgical treatment (7 grafting and 8 plication). The mean number of cycles was 2.

                The penile traction device used in this study was Andropeyronie, which is FDA approved