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Chronic constipation

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    Chronic constipation

    Hello all ~

    I see there are already threads on constipation as that is a common symptom with MS.. I have been having chronic constipation for about one year only started a few months after having my gallbladder removed.

    I asked my neuro, what the chances of my constipation are from MS...he said 50/50 and they usually refer their patients to a GI doctor --
    I have an appointment in a few weeks.

    So, my question is - how can a GI doctor tell me the cause? If it is from MS or something else??....if you've been diagnosed with chronic constipation - how did your doctor find the root cause??

    I don't want to go and waste time and money. I do EVERYTHING I can stay regular. It RAREly goes as planned in the mornings.

    After gallbladder removal surgery, the bile flow from the liver to the small intestine is altered. Without the gallbladder, bile is continuously released into the small intestine, which can lead to imbalances in the digestive system and contribute to chronic constipation. My husband has the opposite effect, and has to go often, which is more common.

    I've suffered from constipation for years, because of my neurogenic bowel. Now that I have a suprapubic catheter I have to drink lots of water. I drink more than 2 liters every day. I no longer have as much difficulty with constipation, but it does still sometimes happen. Now I'm more prone to diarrhea, and have to take physlium fiber to add bulk to it. It's still a tricky balance. Sometimes I have to take more, and sometimes I'll get constipated. I find prune juice helps. One time when I was in the hospital, the nurse added melted butter to it, said it always worked. Didn't help me. Miralax, colace, and senna also help. Sometimes I'll take magnesium citrate if nothing else is helping. But that can also give me diarrhea.

    Certain medications, like Lyrica, can also cause constipation.

    Because of your history, a visit to a GI doctor might help. The last thing you want is to get to get bowel obstruction. Best of luck, and please keep up updated.


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      Hi there Kimba -

      I am finding my food triggers. I'm pretty sure this is IBS-C along with MS. The IBS-C (my speculation) started months after the gallbladder surgery.. I read that can happen. As you mentioned, the bile flow is altered. I tried OTC bile acids but they gave me anxiety for some reason?

      For now, I cancelled my GI dr appointment because it was going to happen during the eclipse. Not interested in all the hubbub and confusion with all that going on trying to get back and forth from a doctor's appointment.

      I do take magnesium on a regular basis because I get migraines.

      I'll see how managing it through my diet does and if I run into a lot of problems, I will go to the doctor.