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    Hi nkh18.

    If perchance you are using Always brand incontinence pads that could be the problem. Their period pads are known to cause problems for women. Even if you are not using Always brand you might try using a different brand as itís possible for the pad to be causing irritation for you.

    There is over-the-counter vaginal moisture that does not have hormones which might be more helpful, at least it was for me.

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  • nkh18
    started a topic A new problem

    A new problem

    I'm having acute vaginitis (extremely irritated vaginal area internally and out). I've been on medication for a yeast infection, skin irritation, and estrogen for vaginal dryness. Nothing has helped. I wear unscented incontinence pads which I change at the first sign of dampness. This has become quite painful and hasn't improved. I have another appointment scheduled. Is this MS related? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.