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Making bathroom visits a bit easier, getting cleaner

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    Making bathroom visits a bit easier, getting cleaner

    As I have gotten older along with my MS, I've lost flexibility and when combined with MS related bowel issues, cleaning up using toilet paper has become difficult.

    A few years back I bought, for under $300, a Toto Washlet - it replaced the existing toilet seat, needs an AC outlet, and, of course, a hookup to the toilet's water line.

    For this retired techie and unskilled handyman installation was easy - unpack, read simple instructions, remove existing seat - this will be the hardest part due to rusted bolts and nuts.

    Turn off the water - you may find this just about impossible so you may need to ask a handyman/plumber for help.

    Once the water is turned off, follow the directions, turn the water back on, turn it off when you see leaks from the not quite tight hose connections, open the water valve, let the water warm up and you will have a comfortable seat that will clean both your backside and, if female, your genitals.

    There are several benefits
    1. You will be cleaner
    2. You will not irritate sensitive body parts using paper
    3. If you are mildly constipated, letting the water run longer than necessary for cleaning may cause your GI system to react which might cause it to push more feces out.

    There are several models on amzn, some can blow warm air to dry ones damp parts.
    There are several manufacturers.

    Toto and others make complete toilets with these capabilities.

    Important note: If you are a big person, you may need to do some research before buying a unit.

    Reminder - if you buy from many online dealers, you may have 30 days to see if it works.

    Installing a washlet will take about an hour, a toilet, about 4 if the existing valve is in good shape.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Great tip, thank you.