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Mirena or Hysterectomy????

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    Mirena or Hysterectomy????

    My gynecologist has me trying to decide between Mirena or a hysterectomy, while waiting for my biopsy results. I am truthfully leaning towards hysterectomy, mainly because around 40% of women still end up doing it after 5 years of IUD. But my main question would be if you have used the IUD how did it work for you?
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    IUD successful so far

    I had the IUD about 18 months ago and so far it is working fine for me. My main problem was excessive bleeding which made me SEVERELY iron anemic. I was having iron infusions about every 4-6 months for a couple of years to try and get my iron levels up. My gyno suggested we try merina that should last for 5 years and maybe by that time I will reach menopause and periods will cease on their own. I have been blessed in the fact that although I have fibroid tumors, I didn't have much problem with pain from them. If I had been in a lot of pain I think I would have opted for the hysterectomy.

    We'll see how things go after the 5 year mark - I may just be prolonging the inevitable. But, I thought it was worth a try . . .

    Best wishes for whichever decision you make!


      hi sdherring,
      can you say the reason why this has been suggested?
      If you definitely don't want any more children etc and this is for fibroids or cancer a hysterectomy rather than mirena would be my preference.

      I had a hysterectomy 7 yrs ago but still have my overies.
      Fibroids,pain and excessive bleeding for many years.
      Tried several other alternatives and was almost as frustrating a road to travel as getting a diagnosis for ms.
      Hystorectomy - the best thing i have ever done.

      Hope this helps.