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Pain on my ovary-doc thinks MS pain?

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    Pain on my ovary-doc thinks MS pain?

    I've had a dull, aching pain on one ovary for 4 months. Blood work, internal ultrasound, OB exam all normal. Found a small cyst on right ovary but they say it isn't big enough to cause pain. Now they are saying it is MS pain. Really?! On an ovary?! Anyone ever have same experience? Never heard of ovarian pain being related to MS

    So, I've had intermittent bad pelvic pain, like ovary pain on and off for over a year. I may or may not have ms, in process of getting multiple neuro symptoms diagnosed. My pain was dx-d as a persistent/large cyst, but it wasn't really that big. I had surgery to remove it, and turned out that by the time they did the surgery, the cyst was gone--but the pain wasn't. So that was a waste of a delightful surgical experience.

    Now waiting to see a GI doc in case that's the source of the pain, but it still feels the same as it has since it started (at the same time last year that three or four neuro issues started). Still feels like ovary pain.

    Really curious to see if others have also had ovary pain linked to ms. Could maybe save me from massive (and I suspect pointless) GI work-up.


      I had pain in the right lower abdomen/back. I though it was kidneys, gallbladder, or ovaries. It ended up being an ulcer treated with Nexium from all the meds I was taking. I am much better.


        Hadn't thought of this as being related to MS but this might b my situation also.

        I had been feeling minor pain in my pelvic area off and on for several months but didn't worry about it too much. At my next annual exam, Dr ordered ultrasound because he felt a small cyst. Ultrasound showed what he said was a small benign cyst. He said we would watch cyst and could talk again if pain increased, I wanted it removed, etc.

        Thanks for bringing this to the attention of my VERY cog-fogged brain!
        Dx 3/4/12. Tec X 2 as of 7/7/13
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          hip/ovary pain - constant

          I have been suffering from the same hip pain for years but has gotten worse in the recent. I've had my gallbladder removed because they said the symptoms came from that. Persisted. Dr.s took MRI's and told me I had a small cyst. And recently, what has become know as "the spot" is so sensitive it can bring me to my knees when pressed upon. Shots of Cortisone have been given, the pain gives for a few days and comes back, too risky to take so often. This thread has given me HOPE because I know I am not the only MS warrior out there that has the strange cyst with the 'ovary pain'.


            I too get mild pain at my right ovary, for no reason at all. Nothing found on ultrasound and GYN has no explanation for it. On time we thought for sure it was my appendix and was planning on surgery until the cat scan came back negative.

            Never thought abouy it being MS related.


              Not ovarian but, similar issue:
              Had persistent pain just below left rib cage in line of breast. After 5 years of this and numerous testing..even scopes; IT IS A MUSCLE and when the GI doc injected it with lidocaine, it disappeared. fed


                FED UP and I-- same thing!

                I had a consistent dull achy on my left side (it felt like ovulation--ya know how some of us can feel ovulation). But it lasted a long time and was dull, and deep.

                I went to my obgyn. I could have sworn it was my ovary. He said "do you know where your ovaries are? They are like a foot lower on your body". LOL. But they did an internal ultrasound anyways. Nothing.

                I went to my urologist. He said it's not your kidney (I had a history of kidney stones); I went to a GI doc who did a colonoscopy. Nope - all fine there.

                THEN I saw an advertisement for a chiropractor who does muscle work. She had a patient, laying sideways over a barrel and the patient was stretching their arm over their head; as the doctor was doing muscle/tissue work. LIGHTBULB. Made an appointment, and sure enough, the pain was muscular. It is because my gait is off; I kinda lerch to one side as I walk--hence the left side pain.



                  I, too, he what I assume is ovary pain. We've never thought that I was MS related because I also have endometriosis. I had the endometriosis removed in 2014, though it typically does grow back.

                  Now I'm thinking it's possible that the pain is not all from the endometriosis--maybe the MS is at least contributing to my pain.

                  Thanks ladies!


                    Ovary pain vs MS Pain

                    You all/ or most are describing the same pain I suffered with in 2005~I have a huge gyne history with at least 10 surgeries..some endometriosis &2 attempts@IVF~one successful ..
                    For that reason when I started experiencing dull deep&very painful right sided pain that wouldn't let up~my abdomen would even swell from the pain the longer I was on my feet...
                    my gyne said enough!!!booked for complete hysterectomy!!

                    Although I didn't want the surgery~I wanted more to be pain free~Surgery completed&guess what didn't go away~ I cried for days!!
                    to this day I still have the pain& it's neurological

                    I have had nerve blocks done&surgery to try& obliterate the nerve~worked temporarily..
                    I'm not saying that it's everyone's case but it can simply be due to MS....

                    I wish each & everyone of you the very very best& hope yours can be resolved...HUGS to you all~I know how much it hurts