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Solution for Urine Retention Issues

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    Solution for Urine Retention Issues

    After trying every bladder medication, my Urologist suggested Botox injections. I was really positive and looking forward to the results.

    There was absolutely no change. You see, I don't have a problem with leakage or urgency or frequency. My problem is bladder retention. I now know, based on a discussion with my doctor's partner, discussion with another MS patient and reading the web, that Botox will not address my issue. As a matter of fact, there is currently no medication that helps that problem.

    I now use a catheter several times per day/night. Otherwise, I have urinate very little. It just sits in bladder until I use a catheter. However, when I go to bed I have to get up every 2 hours to try aNd urinate. Otherwise, I wet the bed. How humiliating! Fortunately, I am not in a relationship right now.

    My Urologist now tells me, "It doesn't make sense that Botox didn't alleviate the problem. I don't understand why your problem persists. I suggest you see a Urologist who works closely with MS patients." I am livid!!!! But, I have to stay focused on getting better and working with a better qualified doctor.

    Has anyone found any solutions for bladder retention other than the use of catheters?

    Hi Evoln916,

    Welcome to MSWorld! I hope you'll find this site both informative and supportive.

    Goodness gracious ... I'm surprised your urologist didn't do any further testing to determine if you had a neurogenic bladder before suggesting Botox, especially if it was already known you had MS. I'd be livid, too! Luckily, you didn't have any complications from that, like a bladder infection.

    I had UTIs sporadically, but wasn't until I had two that went septic (close together) that I finally got myself into a urologist. Sometimes I would have bladder retention, but more often I had something called urge incontinence (but didn't know I was still retaining urine after I voided).

    Now I also self-cath, which has helped me have some control. But even with that and overactive bladder medication, there are times I still have problems holding it if I'm not right next to the bathroom. I've learned I have to watch the clock. Finally, my urologist agreed we could try Botox. (Long story there ...)

    What you are experiencing at night is called Nocturia, which is common in MS. There is a medication called Desmopression that my prove to be helpful. Immediate release Oxybutynin just before bed might also be helpful. (Just a thought, I'm not a doctor).

    There are medications out there for urinary retention, but JMO, I'd honestly be concerned about trying something other than self-catherization during the day if you are having issues with incontinence at night. There is also something known Interstim Therapy, but it does require surgery.

    Here's some information from the National MS Society for you about bladder problems in MS. Please click on the orange words "bladder management" to learn even more:

    Neurogenic bladder:

    Please let us know what you find out once you see a urologist who knows something about neurogenic bladders.

    Best of luck.

    “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Max Planck


      Urine Retention Issues

      Thank you very, very much Kimba. You response and information is extremely helpful.

      I just learned from my Gyne that I have a UTI. She has prescribed meds for that.

      I tried Desmopressin with the Urologist. It was at the time when they were trying various meds. It didn't help at that time.

      I will see what the Urologist (MS specialist) may suggest.

      Thanks again. I will indeed keep you posted!


        Hi Evolvn,

        You are very welcome. . I'm glad you found the information helpful.

        Sorry to hear you have an UTI, but glad you your gyn diagnosed it.

        I hope your doctors' will finally have some answers for you. Good luck with your appointments.

        Best wishes

        “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Max Planck


          RE: Retention

          I was having bladder issues and had all the Uro-dynamic testing....not fun, but it did give my Gyne the information she needed. I was using Vesicare with good results. I also had a bladder mesh placed 3 years ago...thankfully without the problems people are having with them. I went off the Vesicare a year ago and have been doing well. I still have a few issues with incontinence, but not like before. I always know where to find the nearest bathroom. Hopefully the urologist you are going see has some answers for you.


            Prank you gwynnf!


              Omgoodness! That should be Thank you Gwynnf!


                Hi Evoln916,

                It's small consolation, I know, but you're not alone. I have same problems and its frustrating and embarrassing...period. I haven't found any other solution aside from self-cath. And at night, even that doesn't always help.