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    I need help please

    Hi....I have been on this site before and I talked a bowel movement I need to get more serious about it.....I need to talk to someone with similar problem.....I need to know what I am going through is normal or not.....the problem is I'm moving my bowels more than normal, it is difficult to move my bowels and I feel it is getting worse and I don't know what to anymore.....please help me or tell if you are having problems.......

    What are you experiencing? Last year I've had some bowel movement issues, where I literally had to run to the toilet when I felt some movement. It got so bad that I had to look for a toilet in my uni that was discrete but close enough to the entry lol. Sure enough I found one near the teachers rooms haha, it was pretty much always empty and completely closed!

    It has gotten better luckily though, hope that will be the case for you as well!


      How did it get better?


        Hello. This is truly the most awful, embarrassing MS symptom, so you have my sympathy.
        Fortunately, it comes and goes.

        For me, the only thing that works is going to the lavatory as soon as I wake up in the morning. No shilly-shallying. No lying there checking the phone.

        And I go half an hour after every meal, like toilet-training a puppy.
        It's no cure, but it certainly helps prevent "accidents".

        I find carrying anything while trying to make it in time usually ends in disaster.

        The other thing, more bladder than bowel, is the thought of "going" and being poised over the loo, sometimes sends the chocks away message faster than I can get my pants down.


          For me, medication causes constipation. I also had my gallbladder removed years ago, and i get bouts of bile coming out. So for constipation, i was taking magnesium citrate,it ckeared me out But gave me dirrhea all c didnt fix the problem. Tried milk of magnesia, did the same with less dirrhea. I finally tried the activia yogurt. I finally feel like i am going normally. Thank god!