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Thought I had the symptoms of UTI but urine sample didn't grow anything

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    Thought I had the symptoms of UTI but urine sample didn't grow anything

    Hello all. This is my first post to this forum. Looks like a lot of accumulated experience here. I was diagnosed with MS 23years ago and after episodes of bladder weakness on and off for 20 years or so, I finally, about two years ago, had to start using a catheter.

    That bout remittted after seven months though during the year after that I would occasionally self-catheterize just to check my residual volume. And during that 'occasional' time I developed a UTI, which I attributed to not being as scrupulous with my technique as when I'd been using catheters several times a day.

    Two months back I had to start using catheters again, and two weeks ago I noticed that my urine (in the graduated cylinder where I was measuring it) was cloudy and had a bad odour. This is more or less what had happened the previous time that I'd had a UTI, though the odour was different, not 'fishy' just 'ugh', and so the next day I got a req, went to the lab, gave a sample.

    As no one called me back from the clinic over the next 12 days, I went there today. The MD called the lab and was told that my urine specimen hadn't grown anything. Have to admit that would seem to mean that I hadn't had a UTI after all.

    Has anyone else had this experience? Maybe I should mention that the MD who gave me the req also wrote me a Rx for a seven day course of Cipro, which I started taking after giving my urine sample.

    I found the answer!

    I discovered that raw onions, which I 'never' eat but which I'd been eating, give urine an odour, but not the fishy odour characteristic of a UTI. I don't know why my urine was cloudy -- maybe that too was from the onions.