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Bladder issues, difficultly starting urine?

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    I just saw my neuro for the same thing and had the retention test. I still had 2 cups of urine left after I "emptied" my bladder! He says this could cause very serious kidney problems and has suggested that I catheterize. I have no new lesions but apparently my symptoms will continue to get worse. The urinary hesitancy has been getting worse for the past year or so. Anyway, one more indignity. I hate the catheter and it hurts but I don't want kidney failure.


      It's taken me a bit to get back here.

      You know how this whole life thing could get in the way of caring for yourself sometimes. Right?

      Any way. Went to see urologist. No infection. But oddly still white blood cells in urine. (Always) so anyway. Dr called it urinary retention and difficulty emptying bladder and prescribed a drug called Rapaflo. Anyone have any experience in this?

      I find that being already mostly tired a lot of time it has made me EXHAUSTED! And one near fainting spell at work! I ended up stopping it after 4 days because Hod knows I can never remember to take anything. But when I restarted is when I had the near fainting spell.

      Anyway after speaking to Dr about it he convinced me to try it one more time. No feeling faint but the pure exhaustion is back but I must say it truly helps a bit. I don't know if I'm happy about this or not because I don't know what this means. Is this forever for me now?

      I would love to hear anyone's experience with any medicine for this? I never followed up with neurologist and I just can't even fathom going. I need a break. Want answers but need a break. Wow I'm so sorry for venting here. Been a long day.


        Been self-cathing for more than 10 years

        Diagnosed in 2003 end of year. Since my early 40's (I'm nearly 70) I was known at work as TB (tiny bladder) so I think I've been retentive for a very long time. Once the MS showed up, a urologist recommended I try to self-cath, and it has been a great help. At first I used K-Y jelly/equivalent, but it's not necessary (at least for me). I also started taking Detrol LA (now a generic). The word I've gotten from urologist is that the bladder holds about 12 ounces before it's full. Your urine will always test UTI, according to my PCP; unfortunately it doesn't say how much, you have to judge from other symptoms (discomfort, etc.), he says. I haven't had "real" UTIs. The female version of self-cath accoutrements is about 5 inches long and fits decently in a purse that's not too huge. For some people it may not work out, but I wanted to share the experience, which has made life a LOT easier, and I don't have to worry much about leaking so long as I always pee before leaving the house (and stake out bathrooms wherever I go.)


          Sp cath

          I have a so cath and it saved ,me. I hated at first but now I greatful.


            I have a hard time peeing also -- even with a bladder that feels like it is ready to burst.
            A neuro once told me to stand up and wiggle - then sit and try again. Now I go through the wiggle dance - once to start and usually once or twice more to try to make sure I have emptied my bladder.
            Public restrooms are difficult -- surely I look like a crazy woman -- down, up, wiggle dance, down, up, wiggle dance -- time consuming and I can hear the impatience in a busy place !!
            Good luck everyone -- I feel your pain