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Tingling...down there...

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    Tingling...down there...

    As of late, I have had a lot of tingling in least that is where I think it is from. Not painful, almost 'enjoyable' but sometimes annoying. Has anyone heard that can be caused by MS? I have not been dx but have a MRI scheduled. I have tingling/numbness in my feet and legs mainly at night. Also, tingling/numbness in head and lips. Jaw pain that has lasted for a couple of months and just got over some major vertigo. My periphial vision has gotten worse too. Speech was a problem...wrong words coming out of my mouth.

    Any opinions would be appreciated and also advice...could I possibly have MS? I also had malignant melanoma years ago, another reason the doc wants me to have a MRI.

    Lots of things you listed sound familiar but they could also be attributed to lots of other things. Definitely get that MRI and see a neurologist if you are concerned. Make sure they do a laundry list of blood work as well to rule out the bazillion of MS mimickers out there.

    Good luck and let us know how you do!